Thursday, January 8, 2009

BCS National Championship Game Real Time Thoughts Second Half

Did That Halftime seem fast?

Is it me or does this Fox dude not have a clue about football? the pass was incomplete because Tebow had to throw it before he was set. The guy was open because Oklahoma sold out on the blitz. If Florida can't block OU on the play it doesn't matter how wide open the guy is.

When Major Wright hits you you'll feel it in a major wrong way.

Florida is starting to shut down OU. Right now you can't help but feel if this thing were 21-7 it might be over.

The difference might be drinkability but I bet it tastes like piss like all beer.

Tebow picked a first down and he is flipping out.

For the first time Tebow is getting the option game working.

Tebow taking this game over. he just ran over two Hillbillies for a first down.

Florida scores. Both of these teams have really struggled in the red zone. If Oklahoma loses how much will they kick their own ass for the first half?

Tackling is such a lost art.

Blocked Field Goal by Florida.

How Fucking great is Alex Henery?

Florida is getting cramped up.

And so is Oklahoma.

That's the end of the third quarter and it's 14-7 FU err UF.

Going to keep this thread going.

I have to say right now my vote would have to go to Utah. Neither of these teams look great.

I have never seen that official signal ever :lol: Is there a new signal for Unsportsmanlike Conduct or does this Ref have his own style?

Here we go with the split screen. Mean Machine! Mean Machine!

Gresham had a very nice game. Oklahoma driving again...

Gresham scores! 14-14 and here we go.

Did Oklahoma's defense quit? At a time they needed to step up and get a stop and Florida has gone 80 yards in 2 plays.

Sit in 10 degree weather in our anniversary? The coldest game I went to this year was the Kansas State game in Manhattan which was about 35 at kickoff but got warmer as the day went on. The Contessa is still whining about that game.

Oklahoma has never been the cleanest team in America.

First play of the game right here...

That was weird Tebow quit on the play.

Oklahoma holds Florida to a field goal. 17-14. Florida.

Some Idiot blew a whistle in the stands and throw Tebow off. I hope they kick their asses out of the stadium. They must be bussing in Colorado fans to the game.

Bradford throws an Interception and looks stunned about it. Now the pressure is on Oklahoma's defense which is gassed.

Not Bradford's fault.

Might be time to test Oklahoma deep although on third and 7 I would think they would have the deep field covered. 3rd and 12. False Start.

HUGE HUGE HUGE!!!! Tebow roles out and converts the 3rd and 12 for a first down.

See I think Florida needed to deep there and see if the could get a TD. But they are running the clock.

There it was...sorta. Tebow through down the field and it was complete at the 20. Now Oklahoma is in some deep turds.

Oklahoma is nothing but deep turds.

Third and one and here we go...

And a huge false start. 3rd and 6.

Shovel pass first aand goal Florida.

Stoops is starting to get really pissed.

Touchdown Florida. And now Oklahoma is in deep.

Oklahoma goes for it on 4th down and comes up short. Then they complain about not getting a call. Florida is going to win.

First down Florida and now they can kneel down.

Unsportsmanlike conduct on Superman. The announcers said that may be the first thing he's ever done wrong in his life.

These announcers really want to blow Tebow bad.

Florida wins 24-14.

Congratulations Florida.

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