Thursday, January 8, 2009

BCS National Championship Real Time Thoughts 1st Quarter

Another college football season comes to an end my friends. On one hand I am sad because I love College Football on the other hand...I am actually sick of college football. And If I am sick of it how are regular people?

The timing of the bowl games sucks. Why is this game played so late? Why was a shit bowl like Ball State and Tulsa scheduled 2 nights ago? The whole things is piss poor planning. The smaller crap bowls should be played in December and everything should have been wrapped up by Monday. There's no question they could have scheduled it to get it done. Instead we have a national championship game scheduled on Thursday January 8th and it's starts at 8:15 PM Eastern. Brilliant.

Yolanda Adams sang the National Anthem. She was perfectly awful and the plains took off too soon for the fly over. nice start.

Chris Myers: The crowd sounds pro Florida. In Miami ,Florida? do you fucking think?

And here come the Oklahoma Sooners.

And we get to hear Boomer Sooner for the first of 900 times. Fuck I hate Oklahoma.

Fuck American Idol.

Wait a minute... I forgot about this...

Here comes Chief Bradford

Really good hit to send a message by Florida but on third down Chief Bradford picked up a huge first down. I fucking hate this look to the sideline shit.

The announcers just commented about how so far Florida couldn't get pressure on Chief Bradford and the next play Florida blows through for a huge sack.

And Florida get's pressure again.

Oklahoma has to tackle. if they flag like they did there this will be ugly. Man the Big XII has gotten pansy.

What? I Think The Clock started and they need to review where the clock should be set at.

Ok this kids name is Tim Tebow not fucking Superman. Stop calling him Superman.

Superman just threw a pick.

Deadball personal foul on Oklahoma

Man that was a helluva catch by Gresham

Holding Oklahoma on the same kid that got the personal foul.

So far with all the talk of Offense we have 5 minutes left in the first quarter and it's scoreless

Tebow get's free and makes his first good run of the night and the announcer slobber all over his knob. "If your fortunate to sepnd 5 minutes with Tin Tebow your life is better for it" Oh knock it off.

Florida driving.

But 2 false start penalties in a row. Bill Bill Belichick at the game with his girlfriend.

End of First Quarter 0-0

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