Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Autonomy of a hypocrite

The Connecticut screech is back and brings her oh-so-witty and sharp humor to ABC's The View yesterday. Watch the clip very carefully, and you'll be able to see the total hypocrisy in Ann's blisteringly hilarious new book Guilty.


Anonymous said...

I can't stomach the bitch. Did Lizzy H. ask to autograph her copy?

godzilla104 said...

Are you kidding? She was practically slobbering all over Coultergiest. I don't know how the others on The View kept from slapping both of those dippy bitches.

Anonymous said...

Actually I meant to ask if she asked Mr. Coulter for to autograph her copy but it works either way :)

et said...

This was hilarious! The mAnn was repeatedly slaughtered by the View contingent, and Hasselbeck looked constipated at least 75% of the time.

Ann's interval in which she can "strut and fret upon the stage" is waning, and I think she halfway knows it. This time next year, she'll be lucky to get local coverage in Des Moines and the like, much less National network attention.

Your fifteen minutes is up, sweetheart - you hitched your star to the declining neocon kite and the plunge is imminent.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with the thread. However, the links might be of interest to those who are interested in Johnny Dollar's 70's look. I'm hoping that the erstwhile Count can work his magic with these pics and add some creative thoughts.



Anonymous said...

What about these pictures am I supposed to comment about? :)

Canadian Observer said...

Coulter lost what little credibility she may have had for me when she appeared on The Fifth Estate, a Canadian public affairs program, insisting and arguing with the host that Canada had sent troops to Vietnam.

Rather than admit her mistake, she said she would get back to him with the proof. We're still waiting.

It seems to be her MO. No matter how outrageous or wrong her statements may be or how ridiculous it makes her appear she keeps on spewing the same garbage ad nauseum.

Hopefully, et is correct and her time in the limelight is over. Good riddance to her and to the Bush administration.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Dollar is the 1st on the left in 17.jpeg and 2nd on the right in 10.jpeg

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