Thursday, January 8, 2009

BCS National Championship Game Real Time Thoughts 2nd Quarter

And Florida scores first a touchdown on 3rd down 7-0.

Oklahoma has to answer here or this could get ugly. Oklahoma is gouging Florida on the ground.

And Oklahoma responds. Here comes the offense and here comes that fucking fight song.

Superman threw his second pick.

If Florida can't run they have issues Oklahoma is gauging them.

Breneman says it's decision time. it's 3rd and goal.

4th and goal and he's stopped. huge play.

Huge run by Florida got the ball out of their own endzone and again Oklahoma can't tackle.

I thought they got the play off in time. They did false start.

What is Oklahoma hiring Semi-pros now?

Note to off topic. The Contessa and I are going to Olive Garden tomorrow sorry.

The announcers just felt the need to point out that Chief Bradford wants to win as much as Tebow.

This split screen shit makes me think I am watching the Longest Yard. Oklahoma would be the mean machine.

This might be a killer. Oklahoma has kicked Florida's ass up and down the field and again they didn't score. Huge. Huge. Huge.

7-7 halftime.

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