Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Got to Give The Mods Credit.

I am a Nebraska football fan that is no big secret. Nebraska had a defensive coordinator named Charlie McBride who was well known for getting um "intense" in practice but he was often quoted as saying if you're going yell and scream at somebody you'd better be ready to hug his neck. That's advice I've tried to live by.

I think comment moderation for a site the size of Newshounds is a poor idea but you have to give all the credit in the world to the mods for making an effort of sitting there and sifting through every comment. You would hope that the trolls would be smart enough to figure out that "I should quit posting because my comments won't get posted" But we both know they aren't. Having to go through hundreds of comments like they are doing is certainly a task and I commend them for it. Now if they just don't tell us how hard they work. :)

Since I have been back on the Main paige I think the moderation has improved 200 %. I believe on the whole now they do a very good job.


et said...

It does seem to be going OK so far. Have not been around much today - got a devil of a cold. Calling it a night soon with a couple of hopefully-sleep-inducing Advil.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon :)

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