Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Warning I May Write At Any Moment

Yeah Yeah Threats Threats. So little to write about so much time. Anyway I am going to have write of my world famous long rambling piece of shit editorial better known as "The View From My Ass." any day now. I promise...threaten. Amongst the topics I will bore on are...

CNN. ( Do they suck or what?)

The First Ladies Inaugural gown. (Why do we honestly give a shit?)

Chief Justice Roberts flubbing the Oath. ( One last moment of Bush incompetence)

Inheriting A Chihuahua ( Hey I couldn't turn it away)

Gran Torino (Detroit) Google Maps. ( Um I don't know why)

Porter Wagoner (He was a country singer)

Bob Barry Sr. ( Most of you don't know who that is)

And last and probably least... The Super Bowl. and what ever else I can bore you on. I am going to go help pay for another child's health care and I may write this thing tonight...or tomorrow or Thursday or in March but dammit I will write it. You have been warned.

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et said...

Well, you can see how successfully my Inaugural Blogging went, Count. Nada! It was hard to step away from the live coverage even when the Presidential limo was traveling at...gee, what was it? 10 yards per minute?

We watched MSNBC, largely because Keith, Rachel and Eugene Robinson can even make Chris Matthews vaguely tolerable for me. So I can't speak re: CNN. But if you say they suck, I daresay you're right.

Actually, I care about the First Lady's inaugural wardrobe, in a pathetic "Project Runway" kind of way and also as someone who makes a lot of her own clothes. I like to analyze what the designer did and what I would do differently. (In this case, I liked it but would have been less fussy/fluffy with the bodice, keeping that a little sleeker and saving the froufrou for the skirt and maybe the shoulder piece.)(Not that it's in any way important...) It's going to be nice to have a First Lady who isn't dowdy.

Roberts had only one 42-word task today, and he blew it. And this is the nation's Chief Justice? Puh-leeze. Another BushCo lightweight.

Was it not a sweet sight to see Arbusto and Xanax Lady depart DC for good today? Matthews kept talking about how booing the guy was "bad form" on the part of the crowd but the other anchors half-defended it as "something that is happening and should be reported on." I imagine they were wanting to join in.

Good speech. Rhetorically deft, if not soaring, and hitting the ground running in terms of telegraphing some clean breaks with the policies of the past 8 years.

It didn't feel quite real until I saw Barack and Michelle walking into the WH after the parade. Good to have real people in the People's House again.

I'm pleased but exhausted. I let myself get out of extended viewing form after Election Day, so it was all kind of draining.

Sweet dreams tonight, that is for sure.

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