Sunday, January 11, 2009


When someone much wiser than you says how you feel pretty much spot on you are wise to just quote them verbatim...

6. Frost/Nixon - Go ahead. Tell me that Ron Howard's take on the historic battle between disgraced former President Richard Nixon and talk show host David Frost has no relevance today or is the kind of filmmaking that'll put an audience to sleep faster than NyQuil. I say that the movie's themes of holding our elected officials accountable for their crimes is a much needed wake-up call. And if you should fall asleep during this knockout of a docudrama, then you're missing some of the most explosive acting you'll see all year. Frank Langella is remarkable playing Tricky Dick, trying to make a comeback and wash away the stench of Watergate and stay one step ahead of Frost and his crew. Michael Sheen is excellent as Frost, trying to make a big score from the Nixon interviews, mainly his reputation as more than a British playboy/talk show host. Oliver Platt and Sam Rockwell are excellent, each reporter out for blood.
And say I could not agree more. Excellent movie. If you need a flaw maybe it's a scosh too long and a little dry in spots but really it's damn good. **** 1/2 out of *****

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Windslick are going to be in another movie together. (Shutters) I am feared I will have to sit through it. Hopefully it will be better than that 4 hour shitfest Titanic.

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