Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Remember Me?

Sorry for the long absense - the new quarter in college ust started up and my focus has divereted to my studies....that, and my PC has been infected by a virus and It needed to be taken into the shop. The good news is that I get to pick it up today, the bad news is that most of m files were deleted, so it's a good thing that i rememeber all of my passwords.

I'll be up and running later tonight or tomorrow, depending on how the wind blows. BTW: i'm typing this in the middle of an English class with Internet access...It's a lecture, and it's been days since i've done any kind of update on here. What's life without a little risk, eh?



Anonymous said...

Sounds like both of us have had better weeks :)

Jonathan said...

You can say that again, count.

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