Saturday, January 31, 2009

Being Abused And Raped As A Child Leads To Conservatism?

I've been reading Newshound for a few days now, having been informed of all the light that has been shed on "Faux" News by a liberal friend. I've not been able to control my chuckles from all the comments about Glenn Beck's "abusing" his child.

Let me just say this: I was spanked, often times with a belt and razor strop as a child. I am also a survivor of incest. I am neither a physical abuser nor a sexual abuser and I resent the hell out of some of your readers' comments stating that abusers become abusers. I turned out to be a productive, conservative citizen who happens to believe that a good swat on the butt doesn't hurt anyone.

I thought that the liberal democrats were all about compassion, tolerance, peace and love. Guess that only counts if one is like-minded.

I resent my religion and my political affiliation being slandered. I am a Christian; I am a conservative Republican, yet I have more compassion and tolerance than most of the commenters on this site.

I feel sorry for y'all. Your narrow minds will do you in.

You accuse conservatives of vitriol, hate-mongering and racism. Take a good hard look at the party in control. Look at it all objectively (if that's possible).


et said...

That thread definitely brought the crazy. I won't say I've never wanted to swat ET Daughter - as on the occasion she opened the back door of the car while it was in motion, for example: you talk about parental panic! And she was old enough to know better - but I never have. There is no "good" reason for exhibiting physical violence toward someone else other than self-defense, IMO.

Count, I passed your message on to IB and Kim.

Live Free or Die said...

Not all of those abused become abusers, but a high percentage of abusers were abused. Easy to get the logic confused.

ET, I understand your point regarding violence with respect to children. However, self defense is not the only case in which a violent response is called for. Defense of another would be one. And, while not always popular -- and certainly a slippery slope -- I believe there are instances when a pre-emptive violent action is justified.

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