Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Did The Media Really Slam Sarah Palin?

I was just reading this article on 538 where Nate Silver quotes a rightwing blogger Ace of Spades as saying:

I don't like this interview. I was trying to figure out why. I think I know. Even though it's interesting to know about Palin's reaction to her mistreatment by the media, I think we are now getting well oversaturated on such personal stuff. It's too much the Heroine's Tale, which is nice and all, but we're ultimately looking for a leader, not someone with a tale of hardship.

The media screwed her -- this is obvious. Maybe she should just move past such questions -- not letting them off the hook, but also not dwelling on them -- and make her interviewers focus on substantive, political questions.

I, of course, love to slam the media for its bias. A lot of readers and commenters love it too. I'm just not sure if it's a very savvy use of Sarah Palin's time to comment upon it herself.

Nate Silver then goes on to say...

I think we can acknowledge that Palin had a rough go of things with the media.

I can't. How did the media give Sarah Palin a hard time? By asking her tough hard hitting questions like What Newspapers and Magazines do you read? It's the media's fault she doesn't read and couldn't answer the question?

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