Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday NFL Playoffs Thread.

First game was an Upset...

Ravens 13

Titans 10

That Ravens game was a mild upset to be sure but so far the Cardinals game is unbelievable.

Cardinals 33
Panthers 13


jim thorp said...

Ravens, Cardinals, and now the Eagles.

It sure is a great weekend for birds in the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Greatest NFC Championship game since Rams Buccaneers in 1980. )

jim thorp said...

I grew up in Los Angeles, and was a Rams fan back in the day of the Fearsome Foursome in the 60's and each year they would have great teams, but they never could beat your Vikings to get to the Super Bowl.

That game against the Bucs which the Rams won 14-0 was a shock to many Ram fans that year because they went 9-7 in the regular season, so no one thought that could even beat the defending champion Cowboys in round 1. They then went on to lose to the Steelers 31-19, at the Rose Bowl.

I'm sure Cardinal and Eagles fans are trilled about the game next week, but as someone who doesn't have a rooting care for either team this game seems as depressing as the economy.

jim thorp said...

In the 60's, 70's and 80's it was a year end tradition in Los Angeles to have have your Christmas tree and Ram pennant for trash pick up on the same week.

Anonymous said...

Not to nitpick Jim because you're right on many of your facts but the Rams won 9-0. against the Bucs not 14-0. :),_1979-80

In a defensive battle in which the Rams squandered numerous scoring opportunities, Rams kicker Frank Corral kicked 3 field goals to win the game. Los Angeles was able to record 369 yards of total offense, while running backs Cullen Bryant and Wendell Tyler rushed for 106 and 86 yards, respectively. Meanwhile, the Buccaneers only had 177 total offensive yards, including 92 rushing yards and 85 passing yards. Most of Tampa Bay's passing yards came from a 42-yard halfback option pass from Jerry Eckwood to wide receiver Larry Mucker in the fourth quarter. During the game, two touchdowns were nullified by penalties, one by each team: A four yard run by Bryant and a 27-yard reception by Buccaneers' tight end Jimmie Giles.

* Scoring
o LA - field goal Corral 19 LA 3-0
o LA - field goal Corral 21 LA 6-0
o LA - field goal Corral 23 LA 9-0

The Superbowl between the Rams and Steelers that year was thought to be a rout but the Rams played The Steelers even for much of the game. The Rams Quarterback was Vince Ferragamo who played for Cal and then transferred to Nebraska. he played very well in the Super Bowl but threw a pick late that helped decide the game.

jim thorp said...

Yes, you are correct it was 9-0.

What I remember of that game, was not so much the shock that they were going to the Super Bowl, but how that game could put a pot of coffee to sleep.

It's rare when you can be excited and bored at the same time.

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