Monday, January 5, 2009

Fiesta Bowl Thread

I turned on the game and saw a group billed as the "Blind Boys Of Alabama" At first I thought it was the officiating crew but they were there to sing the national anthem. (and did a fine job) IF Texas gives a shit they should win by at least 2 TD's.

I am watching this game and listening to Nebraska's basketball game at the same time.

I am watching the Texas coaches have a spasm on the sidelines. I wonder if the Bo has to calm down folks notice that other coaches are much worse than he is.

Ohio State is dominating Texas BUT it's only 3-0 Ohio State.

Did the Big XII south make a collective decision to not show up for the bowl Season?

Nebraska beat Florida A&M 81-56.

And Texas drives down and Colt McCoy throws a pick.

It's going to be 6-3 Ohio State at half.

Texas isn't playing worth a shit.

Texas takes advantage of a marginal roughing the passer calls and scores a touchdown 10-6. Texas.

Yup it's 17-6 going into the fourth quarter. It seems as if Texas as woke up and is now defending the Big XII's honor. Ohio State really needed to score more than 6 points when they were the only team giving a shit.

And here comes Ohio State. Ohio State made a field goal and then Texas killed their own drive by not sticking to the run game.

Ohio State scored a touchdown putting their Quarterback Terrell Pryor at wide receiver then throwing a fade route to him. 2 Point conversion no good. 17-15 Texas

Texas is gassed and it showed. Ohio State just went right down the field and scored. You're seeing the repercussion of Ohio State holding the ball all of the first half.

That was a complete horseshit call on that two point conversion. Terrible. It was clearly offensive Pass Interference on Pryor and they made a bullshit bailout offsetting Pass Interference on both teams.

Ohio State can't challenge this. It's after 2 minutes.

2 things:

How do you let somebody that open with 16 seconds left? Seriously.

Second of all good job on these refs for calling what could be a big penalty and Texas for doing that pointless stupid ass dive in the endzone. God I hate that fucking dive.

Texas wins 24-21. Best possible finish for the Big XII and the NCAA. Texas wins 24-21 and nobody will argue after tonight that they should be #1 over whoever wins Thursday.

Texas wide receiver Quan Cosby actually said "once again we proved everybody wrong tonight" you sure did douchebag. Look at the predictions for this game...Nobody thought you would need a miracle play with 16 seconds left to win. Everybody thought you would win by at least 14 points.

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