Saturday, January 3, 2009

NFL Playoffs Thread 1.

The first game is Falcons and Cardinals which I don't give a spit about but it's 26 degrees outside and raining so you know what that means...It's a skating rink out there. They are asking people not to drive which is common sense. So since there's no place to go...let's play football.

I have said this before but on days like today I would much rather have 3 inches of snow than rain. Even a steady drizzle like we are having now.

Say what you want to about Kurt Warner when the dude is protected he throws a fantastic ball.

Tony Dungy is the head coaching equivalent of Brett Favre.

The Safety was a judgment call and while if I were a Falcons fan I would be pissed I didn't think it was really a bad call. But afterwords that is the first time I have ever seen a team get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty because one guy was humping another. Pretty pathetic celebration by the Cardinals.


Jonathan said...

Arizona is doing what?
After their performance against the Patriots?

Anonymous said...

Touchdown Falcons. Don't rule out a Cardinals choke yet.

Anonymous said...

Cardinals win. 30-24

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