Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quick Thoughts

Al Franken is going to be announced As the winner of the Minnesota senate seat tomorrow. Norm Coleman will contest it. Funny how Coleman didn't mind declaring himself the winner and chastised Al Franken for calling for a recount. Now that he is about to be named the loser of the race he is the one holding things up. If you can stomach him you may want to watch Bill O'Reilly tomorrow to see if his head explodes. If you can't stomach him just got to Newshounds and they'll keep you up to date on his meltdown.

About the conflict with Israel and Hamas. Seriously how fucking old is this shit? Fuck 'em both. And no this has nothing to do with being anti-either group. I am fucking sick of both of ya.

The Minnesota Vikings did what the Minnesota Vikings do. I had a bet with myself over a North Division Championship shirt I ordered on the net. Yes I bought a shirt that basically says Hey we're better than the Packers and The Lions! Anyway the bet was the shirt wouldn't get here before the Vikings playoffs run ends. I won the bet. I bought the shirt for two reasons. A. I didn't think (correctly) that I would be buying an NFC champions shirt or a super bowl champions shirt. And B. For this team this was a nice accomplishment. I asked a friend of mine who is a Colts fan if he was mad yesterday and he said he wasn't and he thought it was because Nebraska won their bowl game. I said that was exactly how I felt today and for the same reason. In our hearts we just aren't really NFL guys.

Edit from The Count: I am watching the History Channel and it's telling me we're all going to die on December 21st 2012. See this is good to know. It will save us money buying Christmas gifts then. The shit people believe.


et said...

This is about as non-PC as I get...but the endless chatter about the United States' "special relationship" with Israel genuinely annoys me, and I think the overemphasis on it makes for poor foreign policy choices.

With the current situation, I have to ask myself if our response would be different if, say, the countries involved were Austria and Liechtenstein. You can't tell me that in that case, the U.S. wouldn't be joining in the call for a unilateral cease-fire.

So, I tend to agree, Count. The hell with them both.

et said...

To clarify, I'm not suggesting that Liechtenstein and Austria have the same kind of (un)diplomatic dynamic as do Gaza and Israel, nor the same history of turmoil fueled by religious issues, disputes over territory, and generations-long rivalries between sects.

My point is, rather, that when Israel is one of the parties in any of these Middle Eastern conflicts, the U.S. in particular seems to apply to that nation a different standard of behavior than it applies toward any other country in the region.

In the long run I think it hurts U.S. credibility and effectively blinkers the government to the realities on the ground in that part of the world.

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