Sunday, January 25, 2009

He Can't Spell Hollywood But She's An Airhead.

Jessica Alba???

Who the hell listens to Hollywodd airheads?

Well obviously not you since she isn't 13 and doesn't hang around Jr. Highs. Your admitted place to scope for chicks...not only that she can probably spell Hollywood.

Our pathetic troll seems to get extra lonely on weekends. Instead of finding real friendship, it hangs around here, childishly posting about how much it hates us.

If comment moderation is still on and this guy is still posting...he's sadder than I ever imagined.


Anonymous said...

Comment moderation is still on. This guy is pathetic.

et said...

That got through moderation? Holy crap!

Anonymous said...

What amazes me is Comment moderation is not new now. He has to know that the only thing we are going to see is whatever insult the mods leave. Yet he keeps posting.

et said...

Well, maybe they're letting it through to let everyone else comment on the clear idiocy.

Have to hope.

Anonymous said...

I guess I am confused by what comment you felt should not have been let through. The Comment by Houndwatcher was posted but I think only because he insulted Jessica Alba while misspelling Hollywood. The Comment by Lil Idiot was edited by Priscilla or Ellen as all of his comments are. That's what I can't believe. He's still posting even though his comments only get posted after the mods edit them. When will he learn?

Maybe it's time for the mods to just dump his comments and not bother to edit them. Just not post them.

And for the record I think the new system has worked far better than I could have imagined. I just want to make that point clear in case somebody tries to post that I am bad mouthing mods again...

Not this time. :) Maybe later. They didn't post my response to Houndwathcer...but I can't even say I blame them for that either. :)

Anonymous said...

They let a few through every once in awhile to remind every one these loosers still post there dispite the moderation. I am willing to bet that 2008 post hundreds of times per day thinking that this will have some sort of negative impact on the site.

They let an OS post in today (see the Hall of Shame thread)

Sad little mofos eh?

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