Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I may have found someone crazier than Jeremiah

He goes by the name Objective Scrutator, and this fundie nutcase has his own blog. Here's some of his out-of-left-field comments:

OS on kids with autism:

So you subtly admit that Savage is right, huh? Autism, like homosexuality and poverty, is a lifestyle choice. Relying on idiosyncratic words to make you appear smart only makes you sound like an elitist to the Heartland.

In summary, I don’t want any of MY tax dollars going to ‘help’ spoiled brats who say that they have a medical condition. It’s complete rot, and hopefully, President Bush or President McCain will put an end to this nonsense by signing a law that mandates that autistic children should be shipped off to boarding school, and be paddled every day until they admit they aren’t autistic. So-called experts simply want to bilk tax dollars out of hard-working Americans. I, for one, will not tolerate an America that does this, and neither will my fellow Christians.

OS on the torture debate:

Look here, RINO. Interrogation techniques have been used by the CIA, the NSA, and the FBI for as long as they have existed. Torture is one such interrogation technique, and typically the most effective. After all, when you place a firebrand on their chests, terrorists will be desperate to stop the technique. With proper analysis from psychologists at the interrogation scenario, we will be able to tell when the terrorists are telling the truth, and when they are lying; Islamists aren’t trained to act. On the other hand, when you do not torture Islamofascists, you withhold information from yourself. Anyone that works in secret agencies or the special forces can tell you that torture does work, and that to dispose of the practice entirely would mean that they have no credible alternative to extract information from the terrorists......

Wiretapping Muslim phones in America will also be quite useful in finding the threat before it commences. There is overwhelming evidence that the Muslims that carried out the 9/11 attacks were living in America, and we can be sure that Muslims, being a people disposed towards violence, had at least some information on these tragedies. If we had just rounded up these Muslims and tortured them, 9/11 may not have happened. In order to guarantee another 9/11 does not happen, we need to round up and torture all Islamofascists in America, as well as the world. Furthermore, we can intern all Muslims attempting to immigrate to America quite easily; we should not pass up the chance.

Such actions may not be pleasing to Americans. But such actions are the only way to keep Americans from being killed by terrorist attacks. After all, we only started torturing after 9/11, and no terrorist attacks have occured since. The only other option is nuking their countries, and I don’t think we should commit ourselves to that, at least not yet.

And here's OS on how gays and the people behind the Mumnbai incident are one and the same:

Thankfully, our program to eliminate the Islamists is, at the moment, intact, while we can address the homosexuals much easier. After all, I think that every country would rather fight a nation of homosexuals than they would a nation of jihadists. As such, I would propose a program from our government that would secretly eliminate these two groups from our society. I think that, ultimately, we will have to use the battlefield in order to eliminate these groups. Homosexuals can serve as a diversion from our troops, and we all know that homosexuals can put on a show anywhere. (As such, I would advise President Obama to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” much earlier than his proposed deadline, as long as he requires that homosexuals be kept separate from the rest of our troops, and also quarantined.) In the meantime, we can use Islamists as the people that are required to attempt negotiations with the enemy; right-thinking people will know that these negotiations will fail, while Leftists will be fooled.

While our public at large does not recognize the dangers homosexuals and Islamists pose our country, Pat Boone does. Pat Boone has unparalleled credentials for discussing these issues; homosexual Islamists such as Fats Domino and Nat King Cole had their lyrics tamed by the man that lives the quintessential American lifestyle. So if you are foolish enough to criticize Pat Boone, you are foolish enough to criticize America.

Fun guy.....hate to see how he acts when he's drunk.


et said...

Ouch! If Jeremiah is out on a limb, OS is gaining speed down the side of the cliff!

Mind you, I kind of think this guy could give them both a run for their money...

God made woman to sit on the sidelines and cheer when a man succeeds.

Why did God make woman? He made woman to cheer on the sidelines while her fellow made a touchdown. God made a woman to sit in the audience while her husband preaches and say, "That's the best preacher in the world!" God made woman to stand on the side of the street and watch her little boyfriend ride the bicycle using no hands or standing up on the seat and say to him, "That's the most amazing thing I ever saw in my life!"

1. Complete him in his work.

If your husband is a carpenter, go look at the house he built and say, "Did you all build that? My, my, my, let me see your big old bicep!" (You may not realize it, but those old southern belles had something on the ball.) You should say, "That's the prettiest house I ever saw. My, did you build that?" That's what you're supposed to do--cheer on the sidelines.

By the way, if your husband is a carpenter, you learn what a 16d nail is. Learn what an 8d common nail is. Learn what a 8d casing nail is. You learn what a 2" x 4" and a 2" x 8" are. Know what Sheetrock is. Find out what kind of roof is put on a house. Why? God made you to complete that man, that's why!

2. Complete him in his play.

Complete him here also. When your guy is watching a football game, share it with him. When his favorite team wins a game or makes a touchdown, you should cheer! When he looks around and says, "That was great!" you ought to be there to say, "Sure was!" You ought to be able to say, "You know why they got that touchdown? Because they red-dogged on that last defensive play!" Red-dogged? Yes, you ought to know what red-dogging means. No, it doesn't mean squirting ketchup on a mutt in the front yard! You ought to know.

Listen, if your husband likes baseball, learn baseball. If your husband likes to fish, when he pulls up that little old 6-inch fish you should say, "Man, look at that whale! " That's why you're here.

This is every man's right. Each has only one life to live. God looks down and sees that every man is incomplete. God gives a man a woman, and that woman is supposed to complete that man. If you fail to do it, it won't be done. If he dies without ever having it, it's because you didn't give it to him. You have taken from him what is every man's right. Every man's right is to have a completer. That's why God made you!

The most pathetic part is near the end of this screed, where he suggests that women should purposely lose at games when playing with a man. My sister's former MIL used to do this re: board games to her husband all the time. (Yes, he was a preacher.)

Were this guy still in the world, I could wish an encounter with towel-snapping PbDs in a dark alley some evening. As it is, we'll have to settle for OS...

Thanks for monitoring the lunacy, Jonathan!

Count Istvan said...

"At C4C, we are tolerant to opposing viewpoints on this website, even if we do want them suppressed in society."

Oh boy.:)

godzilla104 said...

I've got the feeling that OS will sound the same, drunk or sober. Insanity such as his knows no sober moments.

Sergei Andropov said...

Funny, I could have sworn that I'd seen you at his site when I checked it out.

Count Istvan said...

Funny, I could have sworn that I'd seen you at his site when I checked it out.


Jonathan said...

Count, I think Sergi meant me.

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