Tuesday, January 6, 2009

OK The First Coulter Thread I Understood...

This One Is Strange...

Ann Coulter Holds Herself Up As Champion Of Family Values Despite A Record Indicating Otherwise

By The Newshounds Mod

Ann Coulter got two segments to promote her latest book on Hannity & Colmes last night (1/5/09). Predictably, Coulter spent the segment attacking liberals, this time for being anti-marriage and for supporting sex before marriage. But that did not stop the never-married, fifty-ish Coulter from flirting blatantly with the very-married Alan Colmes. In the past, Coulter has spoken enthusiastically about pre-marital sex, and she was reputed to have lived with a man without benefit of marriage. “Family values” Coulter also has a history of showing up on television inebriated. In addition, Coulter complained bitterly about having her appearance cancelled on NBC's Today, alleging that they had engaged in a plot to prevent her from making other appearances. With video.

OK so Ann Coulter is not the model of conservative family values...tell us something we don't know. While I certainly agree with The Newshounds Mod 200% with her conclussion that Coulter talks one game and plays another It seems to me that this thread has more to do with the fact that Coulter flirted with Colmes (Alan Colmes is on record as being a fan of The Newshounds Mod) than it does with the fact that Coulter is worthless bitch and Fox news is just as worthless as she is. Come on The Newshounds Mod. Fox and Coulter give you enough material (like thread one today) to go after both sufficiently don't let your personal feelings for Colmes cloud your judgment which isn't the best when it's clear.

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