Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The View From My Ass

Warning: This a shitty effort. It was meant to be twice as long and I ran out of gas. Sorry.

Do you ever feel like God is taunting you? I remember walking down the river walk in San Antonio before the Alamo Bowl with the Contessa when we were dating. It was the first real vacation we had taken together and as we were walking going the other direction was a brunette about 5' 10" wearing a Michigan State shirt and hat and I remember thinking good one God. Well she was thank goodness a Michigan State fan at least and not a Nebraska fan. Thank goodness for small favors. Anyway after smoking 3 cigars last week I decided that this week NO CIGARS! So what does Oprah do? Starts the week off with a masterpiece 68 degree day. A breeze, clouds but no rain. It was the kind of day that people today call Cold but the kind of day the Count calls perfect. The day had go out on the deck and smoke written all over it. Making matters worse is the fact that I actually have some good cigars put away in the humidor. I got some La Gloria Cubana and Hoyo De Monterrey cigars in the humidor and those things are the nectar of the Gods. I even have one La Gloria Cubana Serie R. sitting in there. A bute of a cigar. And they are all just crying out smoke me! smoke me! smoke me! look at me! look at me! don't I look good? smoke me! It's 68 degrees out your kinda weather...and you know you want to smoke me! Man I tired everything to get my mind off of not smoking tonight. I even watched half of One Life To Live with the Contessa before she kicked me out for complaining about how stupid the show was and how much it sucked. Then I had a choice between CNN, Fox News and WWE Monday night Raw... HHH IS BACK!

If you buy a book from the Store, or anything from anywhere for that matter, pay attention to the price sticker. I bought Bill Russell's new book Red And Me My Coach And My Life Long Friend from Borders.

Anyway the book, which is not large by any mean to begin with, was priced $24.95. OK I wanted to read it I have looked forward to it for a while now. Well Borders put a sticker on it that said $26.95. So I paid $2 more for a book that at 175 pages in hardly small print was overpriced to begin with. Anyway I caught the mistake after I threw the receipt away. Anyway last week to get even I decided I would make my football magazine run at Barnes And Noble and became a member of their whatever club. But then the lady there kinda pissed me off as well. As I was paying for my magazines she says..."would you like to join our club the membership discounts work on magazines as well". As if because I was only buying Magazines this time around I never ever bought books. Oh Well. As for the book itself after bashing critics last weeks this week I will agree with one. The review in Sports Illustrated mentioned that Russell A. was too hung up on race and B. used the word tribe entirely too often. That was spot on. Here is the book in short. I was a black man who grew up in the South and Oakland projects who never got along with my white coaches. Red was a Jew from Brooklyn who became my friend because he allowed me to do what ever I wanted. Him from his tribe and me from mine. The book is not bad by any means and as a fan of the Celtics who considers both men heroes it was a necessary read but you may want to wait until it's in paperback and it's not a replacement John Feinstein's wonderful Let Me Tell You A Story. (A Lifetime In The Game)

Classic Sinatra II came out this week and with it some justice for the consumer. Classic Sinatra was a 20 track "Greatest Hits" packaged from Sinatra's Capital era that was released in 2000. In other words it was what most people consider the best of the best of Sinatra. It has sold 2 million copies so far. So now 9 years later The Sinatra family put out Classic Sinatra II with 21 tracks (20 previously released) 1 that hasn't been) But the Sinatra's do store exclusives where if you buy the CD at a certain store you get a different exclusive edition" Nancy "Boots" Sinatra says that these are the stores Idea but I believe that they do them because several people get multiple editions of a CD to get all of the different versions. Even though the exclusive bonuses are usually minimal. Hell I have even done this once or twice myself if the exclusive was good enough and the price was cheap. Well Classic Sinatra came out and only Target had a store exclusive. 5 extra tracks. it wasn't announced until the day the disk came out and many people had it pre-ordered. So for many of us if you wanted the "extra" tracks disk you would have to buy the same disk twice. Well the disks at Target that were suppose to have the extra Tracks and claimed that they had the special tracks...didn't have the special tracks. Several people on Sinatra boards are complaining. Boots says the problem is being fixed and all of Target's CD's are being sent back. Ebay now has people ripping people off with "rare" editions of Classic Sinatra II that contain the error.

This is why I about fell off my chair laughing when I saw Boots Sinatra said she hated Bootlegs because they kept food off of her table and why I don't lose a moments sleep when I come in possession of one. I do not question the decision to put out a CD with songs that many Sinatra fans already have. because many also do not. The first sold 2 million copies and who knows how many of those people discovered Sinatra through that disk? A volume 2 only made sense. But their little plan to get people to buy multiple copies backfired and thank God for that. By the way. Classic Sinatra II with out many of the "signature sings and hits" that were on Classic Sinatra I is the better CD for that very reason. There are some "hits" on Classic Sinatra II like too Marvelous For Words, Love And Marriage, High Hopes, I've Got A Crush On You. But what's makes Classic II the better listen is the non hits. I get along with out you very well, Here's that rainy day, our love is here to stay etc. It's just a better listen to these ears. I found the bonus tracks that were suppose to be included and made a disk with the bonus tracks. I even added another song " So easy to remember but so hard to forget" It's an ultra rare Count exclusive edition.

Anyway There maybe a part 2 coming but I am tired.

as always


Count Istvan


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