Friday, June 19, 2009

Rappin' Ranger Bob

“I'm 6'9 head and shoulder above the rest

Liberals playin checkers, I'm playin chess

My conservative view is drill baby drill

You can say you hate me but

I'm praying for you still

My dislike for thee most def is not hyperbole

Taxes are the subject and I will spit them verbally

I'm just livin life a conservative philosophy

Sorry Hilary not a right wing conspiracy

We need more women with intellectual integrity

I'm talkin Megyn Kelly not Nancy Pelosi

My main motto is you best work hard

It's not the hand you were given, but how you lay down your cards

I don't speak lies but I spit the facts

28% the new capital gains tax

Porkulus bill lacks a few stats

The more money we spend, the more mine is worth Jack

The Bible says we're a people under God,

Usin radar for radical Jihad

AIG was hooked up by Chris Dodd

A classy gift ain't an Ipod

The standards of my crew ain’t republicans dude

I'm reppin Jesus Christ and conservative views

Study history and true conservative moves

Every single time they refuse to lose

I’m starting to see a modern day Jimmy Carter

When really nothin but a Reagan era starter”

June 19, 2009 7:52 AM


et said...

Bill Maher eviscerated these guys tonight on "Real Time." I imagine video will be up in a couple of weeks for those who missed it.

Seriously. Who is going to give the time of day to "rappers" wearing TIES?

Anonymous said...

Would you give them the "time of day" if they WEREN'T wearing ties?

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