Tuesday, June 9, 2009

NBA Finals Game 3 And Other Random Crapola

Well will Orlando make this a series?

They need to win all 3 games in Orlando to have a prayer in this series.

It's another picture perfect post card night in Omaha and I am losing the fight with temptation.

High Noon on the Tube and I always thought this movie ended wrong. He should have thrown the star down, put Princess Grace on the wagon told the driver to take her and then walk off. Now I am not so sure he shouldn't have left. Not to be a coward but because nobody in that town was worth fighting for.


Anonymous said...

As bad as the first half of game 2 was the first half of game 3 was that good.

Jonathan said...

Count, the Lakers need to win one game In Orlando, and the Magic are done. Plus, Kobe Bryant will not be denied the chance to win the title and put the rest the myth that Kobe can't win without Shaq.

Anonymous said...

The magic are pissing down their legs

Anonymous said...

ESPN/ABC has taken being a joke to an all new level tonight with their constant blowing of LA/Kobe. They even went to the give LA credit for losing card.

Anonymous said...

BTW Jonathan I agree Orlando needs all 3 games in Orlando and I agree they won't get them. But there is no excuse for ABC's one sided shitty announcing of this series. Give LA credit for not losing in a blow out! Are they fucking serious?

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