Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Conservative guest acts like a dick, gets his mic cut

Normally on MSNBC, a conservative can go on-air and spout the right-wing talking points and still be respectful to the anchor in question. Documentary filmmaker and radio talk show host John Ziegler demonstrates how to be a dick and get your ass bounced off the air because of it.


Anonymous said...

I have always wondered what Damail looked like.

I wonder if the first dud knows about this guy?

Anonymous said...

Sadly Letterman is going to let the phony ass Rightwing badger him into an apology.

MC Metal said...

She is a douchebag

Jonathan said...

Mc Metal, where the hell have you been? I've missed you, man!

et said...

I'm never a big fan of the "cut his/her mic" approach, but in this case it was certainly warranted. She kept giving him rope and he just kept hanging himself with it by dodging the subject and trying to make the network hosting him the topic.

It's bad enough MSNBC lets the odious Pat Buchanan bluster on at length as they do. Good to see Lawrence O'Donnell increasingly slapping him down on the B.S.

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