Friday, June 19, 2009

How dumbassed is this!?

I don't get pro-life Catholics. I can understand their opposition to abortion, but teaching sex education to kids - the very thing that can prevent teen pregnancy and the number of teenage girls getting an abortion - that's a huge no-no?

Somehow or another, humanity managed to impart knowledge of sex to people without sex education for thousands of years. Somehow or another, people without the benefit of sex education yet managed to have sex. It seems to me that sex education cannot be other than propaganda in favor of ever earlier sexual activity, necessarily outside the bonds of matrimony. In other words, what we’re doing is diligently enslaving children to lust, and telling them that its a good things - we’re making slaves who will think that they’re ability to have sex makes them free. Meanwhile, real power will be held by those who pull the education strings. Its small wonder that people fight hard to defend their “privacy” (ie, ability to get away with illicit sex), but don’t raise a peep about plans to, say, have government decide their health care for them.

We need to stop this nonsense - sex education is a bane and free people don’t need it.

*Raises eyebrow*
So you would rather have an entire generation clueless when it comes to sex and relying on urban myths like 'the rhythem method?'


Anonymous said...

Who wrote this? Rev Jerry? Fake marine?

Anonymous said...

oh it was Mark Noonan. what does he care he's 90 an not having sex anyway.

et said...

Oh, yes, indeedy. Sharing perfectly sane, useful, healthy information on how children come into the world - and more particularly how individuals can ensure they don't bring any of them there until ready and able to care for and love them - is "enslaving to lust" the recipients of that information.

Paul Begala actually put it very well and humorously on "Real Time With Bill Maher" tonight. He said - and I paraphrase - that having been brought up Catholic, he was taught that sex "was a vile, revolting and despicable act that you want to save for the love of your life."

Once again, the repressed and unhinged minority puts itself forward to speak for the moderate and sane majority, with the predictable consequences...

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