Thursday, June 4, 2009

3 Easy Payments of $13.33

So I am sitting here watching Ron Popeil's 6 star bullshit infomercial where he and the audience repeats several times... just 3 easy payments of $13.33! Shit what a deal! So I got on the Ronco website...

Six Star+™ 25-Piece Set(Black)
Color: Black
In Stock 39.99 39.99

Shipping and Handling 21.70

1 Six Star+™ 25-Piece Set(Black) FREE
Color: Black
In Stock 0.00 0.00

FREE!!! But Wait There's More!

Shipping and Handling 21.70

Yes if you want the free knives you have to fork over another $22

Grand Total

But Wait There's More!

You'll need a knife block. Who the hell buys knives with out the block?

Wooden Knife Block Holder
Product# : KN300100GEN
In Stock

TOTAL $29.95
Shipping & Handling 11.90

Well you get 2 sets so double that. $83.70

So 3 easy payments of $13.33 is really in fact...
$167.09 What a great deal Ron.

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Ranger said...

Nice job count. That was actually good reporting. I am enjoying your blogg.

Almost bought those buffalo doritos tonight but 140 calories and 7 grams a fat ( 15 servings in a bag) kept me away.

Ranger Bob in da house!

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