Thursday, June 25, 2009

Open Thread Thursday

Man such a wonderful day I almost hates to go away...well not really. :)

Ok I don't know if I have time to tell this story or why you would even care but here goes. There is a Celtics blog called Red's Army that I frequent from time to time and really love the place. But I guess not everybody loves Red's army because a website popped up called Red's Army Is A Joke. You know the "Democrats" who call Rush and always agree with them? Well this guy claims to be a Celtics fan yet he calls himself Kobe after Kobe Bryant. No self-respecting Celtics fan would ever call himself Kobe. It just would not happen. I am proud to say that I have been called out and name checked on Red's Army Is A Joke. It's a real point of pride for me. The guy who runs it is...pardon the term...a real pussy. Also apparently a stalker. He follows members of Red's army everywhere they go. That is when he isn't whining about how hateful we are or bitching about our name calling or calling us names. "Kobe's" Latest bitch is that somebody else actually uses the name "Kobe" only in this case it's not in a "jeez I would love to wash your balls Kobe" manner that Kobe does...

They took a total of five callers including “jester00″ and who else? “kobewearsapurplethong.”

This guy is really a piece of work. He actually introduced himself as “KWAPT” aka “kobewearsapurplethong.” Didn’t he realize they had a real guest on the show. Classic stuff, even “jester00″ left the “00″ off when he introduced himself. Anyways “kobewearsapurplethong” asked two questions one being about some European guy that even Jessica couldn’t really talk much about. My opinion is he tries really hard to sound like he knows a lot and this might be one of those times and this time. Anyways Jessica quickly made the point about the European players that have spent anytime in green have been busts and pretty much shot down his idea with a quickness.

Now KWAPT is a friend of mine and he has posted here before I am pretty sure that he finds his name check as thrilling as I found mine. And like me I bet KWAPT wonders just how fucking unstable this guy is. BTW why dear God does "Kobe" insist that we who post at Red's Army are Right-wingers? I mean sticks and stones and all that but Right-winger? Right-winger? Me! It's obvious in addition to being a nut and a stalker he also has no clue what a right-winger is.

"Kobe" A Lakers Fan who calls himself a Celtics fan and a nutty cyberstalker.

Finally I am Not going to be around for a couple of days. I am going hiking in the bluffs. No actually I am letting some people use my house for a couple of days and the Contessa and I are going to a hotel until Saturday. I made the necessary arrangements to make sure I don't get robed of house and home. Hell If I have to do this I figured I might as well get a little R and R out of it. Plus since my boss is the reason I am losing my house for two days he kinda had to agree to pay me for not working Friday ha ha!!!

Open Thread


Anonymous said...

I think "Kobe" wants to take me out on a date now.

Jameyb said...

LOL..Yeah, I have heard he is really obsessed with me-he visits my "Banner18?" blog I think too. -KWAPT.

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