Monday, June 1, 2009

New Rule about the Tiller assassiation

If the Christian Right can say that Dr. Tiller got what he deserved in that church murder, then I should have the same right to say good riddance to bad rubbish to war profiteer/televangelist fraud Pat Robertson when he croaks.

fmrmarine says:
June 1st, 2009 at 8:24 pm

joe BO

t was legal and it was the choice of those involved.

like slavery?
like murdering 6 million Jews?
etc ad nausium!!

*Do you fucking read, fmrmarine? I suppose that for my African-American ancestors, it was their choice to board slave ships in chains and work and have their humanity stripped from them, or it was the choice of millions of European Jews to be rounded up by the Nazis, have taken from them everything they could possibly have, work them to death at Auschwitz, and if they were still breathing? Kill em anyway!?
* Note: that was a rhetorical question. I don't expect you to answer, let alone know what 'rhetorical' means.

uffy says:
June 1st, 2009 at 9:14 pm
I, on the other hand, think Tiller got just what he deserved yesterday–> MEETING THE SOULS OF THE VICTIMS HE MURDERED!

And yet, I, along with many liberal posters, were criticized when we were playing the world's smallest violin for Jesse Helms.

In this manner, the “Supreme” Court denies the Supreme Authority over all mankind. So, as followers of Jesus Christ, we must reject the Court’s opinion in this manner…because it is not in accordance with the Supreme Judge. You see, that is our duty, to ensure that our leaders obey God’s Authority.

The scary this is that Christian fundamentalists like Jeremiah and Islamic fundamentalists like Osama Bin Laden share so much in common and they don't even know it. Let's take a look at the similarities they share:
* both believe everything that was written in their respective Good Books were commands from the Almighty and must be followed to the 'T.'
* both completely disregard the Rule of Law because it's not in compliance with the 'supposed' laws of God.
* both try to infuse their extremist religious beliefs into politics(in the case of the Christian Right, this goes against what Christ's teachings because he clearly told his followers, "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar, and render unto God that which is God." Go figure.)
* both claim to speak and act for the Almighty
* both wish to do away with progressive and secular movements and government and submit everyone to a religious theocracy
The only difference between the two factions is that the Christian Right hasn't made an attempt to overthrow the U.S. government and have gotten hold of the suitcase that contain the nuclear codes.

Edit From The Count: I found this on blogs for Conservatives from 2007. It seems Nooner was contimplatin running for Senate in 2008 and he got one of his girlfriends all hot and bothered.

Mark Noonan Contemplates Senate Run

October 22, 2007 by Psycheout

Senator Mark Noonan

Great news! I’m a little late on this breaking news and it’s a little early to say it’s a done deal, but Mark Noonan, co-author of Caucus of Corruption and Blogs for Bush, is considering a run against Harry Reid-tard for Senate in Nevada!

Reid has a mean streak a mile wide and he simply will leave no stone unturned in attempting to destroy any Republican who runs against him. Running against Reid will take immense moral courage and the confidence of a man (or woman) who simply doesn’t care what people say about him. Come 2010, a lot of Republicans might find they have something better to do than expend a massive amount of effort on what will be a dicey (at best) shot at unseating the Senate Majority Leader. This is where I come in.

Give him the encouragement he needs and help convince his wife to vote for him! :-D

Well, I can count two votes, other than my own, if I were to run…though I haven’t asked my wife, yet, if she’d vote for me…

You’ll get many more votes than that, Senator Noonan!

Senator Noonan. It has a nice ring to it. B4C hereby endorses Mark Noonan for the U.S. Senate. Now go get ‘em, Mark!

Update: Mark sounds serious. Great!

…as an aside, the fundamental dream here is not so much to win (that is a dream’s dream), but to rise high enough to force Reid to debate me…once that is done, then the chips will fall where they may, but I’ll have considered my campaign a success just in the fact that I directly challenged Reid and forced him to defend himself against the voice of the people.

Make that dream come true. I’ve been reading Blogs for Bush for quite some time now, and it’s obvious that Mark would have Dingy Harry crying in a corner wetting his pants before the debate was done. Noonan would have an excellent chance at victory after a single debate.

– Psycheout


Anonymous said...

uffy says:
June 1st, 2009 at 9:14 pm
I, on the other hand, think Tiller got just what he deserved yesterday–> MEETING THE SOULS OF THE VICTIMS HE MURDERED!

I love it when the pro-life phony's like Puffy show their true colors.

As for Never A Marine he is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

How do you register over there at that nut site? What do you have to do blow Noonan?

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