Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Troll And Ellen

BTW: could you please be so kind as to provide links to similar apologies for what the Republicans and/or Foxies said about Chelsea Clinton ...

Letterman did not apoligize. Since the election he has made over 100 jokes about Palin. What is he and you scared of?

Letterman didn't marry the mother of his son until he was what 5 years old?

He's an asshole. And the libs are scared of a forceful Republican woman.

Ha ha!
Sandy, I am not scared of Palin. I so hope she's on the GOP ticket in 2012. I can't wait to hear more about her views on foreign policy and to see how she and her family (including the sister-in-law/burglar and the secessionist-supporting husband) prove to us again what living examples they are of conservative family values.

If you're so offended by Letterman, I'm sure you'll want to spend your time going after Limbaugh rather than hanging around here, with people you disagree with.

Sorry, Hon, but your side doesn't get to spend 23/6 smearing Democrats with the vilest of attacks and then whine "Meanie!" when the shoe is just slightly on the other foot.

Go call a whambulance or something but find another forum for your hypocritical, manufactured outrage.

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