Monday, June 8, 2009

I just don't understand

Apparently today woke, a vet of the Newshounds O/T, came back to the Forum, only to bet banned by Ellen. I don't know why he was banned...hell, I don't know why he was banished to begin with. The comments Ellen wrote on the woke thread started by Sergi, pissed me off, though.


I'm just so mean because I stood by my moderator with a commenter who has been repeatedly rude and disruptive. How could I?

Somebody quick! Call a Whambulance!!!

But just so you know, I just wrote to Woke and said he could come back if he cuts out the baiting.

Posted by: Ellen on Sun 6.7 8:18pm

Which makes me want to ask: what the hell is Ellen playing at?

Edit From The Count: No Posts from The usual trolls that contain either insults to the mods or the NH regulars will be allowed so don't bother to post them. In fact none of your posts will be allowed anyway.


Anonymous said...

I am going to treat this with kid gloves. Ellen is two sided. She does great work but she is not the greatest person in the world. ( I hope that was diplomatic enough) I feel for Woke because obviously I have been there but I am not going to touch it. Once know the rest.

Anonymous said...

I stood by my moderator

That's the root of the problem. Now back to arguing about Kobe.

BTW Jonathan word of advise don't press this with Ellen if you want to continue to post on NH.

Michael said...

Actually, chris baited me by posting a link to an article authored by a deserter, who claims that there is no honor due to war vets.....this being on the Memorial Day thread. In addition, this author is a communist who poses as a member in order to defile our group. I posted a few posts detailing this information and although chris subsided on that issue, he then began posting links about the efficacy of torture (from fox, no less) AND other links that disputed the idea that one can honor a veteran without also honoring the war/mission. When I attempted to support john t's post that chris was indeed fouling the Memorial Day thread, Drive By Mod saw fit to excoriate me and, in my usual capricious way, I called dbm on it with two other posts, attempting to educate them on chris' denigrating vets AND imo, the NH Memorial Day thread.

Now, much misinformation is being posted on the Woke thread as was done by Ellen, who claims I had previously "trashed" NH on another blog....(not true since I have NEVER posted on J$ site at all)

BTW, I am also not "trashing" NH here, just attempting to tell my side of the i believe chris was denigrating vets and NH on the Memorial Day thread and that it was him who first "baited" me....not the other way round. Since I'm banned (despite Ellen and DBMod claiming I'm not, or that I'm being reinstated), I have no other way to defend myself, which as Caf rightly points out, I am wont to do at times....LOL

Thanks for listening...

Michael said...

btw, I would also like to take this opportunity to THANK all those NH forum posters who have posted such an outpouring of support for me, not the least of which is Sergio, who posted the thread, as well as many, many others.......(some of whom have been at odds with me at one time or another, and who took the time to work it out and get to know me)

I am deeply touched. Any NH posters who wish to contact me can do so at

Thanks Count!

Anonymous said...

Woke this sounds damn familiar. One thing that bugs me because I have gone through it. The getting banned over what you say on other blogs. whether or not you said anything. People ( and I use the term loosely) have misquoted what I have written here, completely taken sentences out of context and spliced them to say something I didn't and when I did express my anger with NH I know first hand that some mod(s)read it. And lord knows nobody has ever taken my internet handle and posted with it...oh no! I have always thought that was wrong to ban others for what they have said on other blogs.

I have never figured out why She cares about what get's said on Dollars crap site anyway and when I asked her once and she got mad.

Michael said...

Right, well my first knowledge of J$ blog was when she banned Bill Corcoran, also a war vet, and like myself had even authored threads on NH mains.

She banned him from mains and forum and when I attempted to start a forum thread about it I was amazed at that time at the vitriol expressed toward Bill C by various posters who claimed that he MUST have really denigrated the mods, etc to get banned. One even claimed he dared posting about it on J$ site, which in their opinion, was automatically a reason for him to be banned. Later, the truth came out that it was actually that mod who posted on J$ site about Bill C, in an apparent attempt to preempt him posting about his banning.

While I didn't agree with Bill C's banning, I purposefully limited my public feeling on the issue because I had been previously involved in disputes (oddly enough very similar to the current one where my vet group was being denigrated by a troll and the denigrating posts were left up while mine was deleted)......and I had rectified the problems via personal emails, which is how I have always handled misunderstandings with NH. And I stopped posting on the mains and tried posting on the forum, where i ran into a new kind of vet hatred from one poster in particular, whose pov was not supported by others, while supporting his right to vet hatred speech in their minds. After much brouhaha, I became friends with many of the forum "family" who eventually recognized my good intentions and pro vet (regardless of politics) agenda. Many of those posting support for me were the same who severely attacked me when I first posted on the forum.

Now, it seems I know how Bill must've felt watching himself get excoriated erroneously and being able to do nothing about it.

In the current case tho, I must say it's probably best that I was not able to defend myself because it's apparent that many, many of the forum posters know me better than the mod and dispute some of the misinformation being used to justify my unjust (imho) banning. Still, it would be nice to correct the record.

What I find particularly curious are the mod comments stating that I am being reinstated, which, so far, is not true.

It has been somewhat of a shock to me since I have NEVER been banned anywhere at any time previously and did not realize that the new mod policies would be so swift and stringent, not to mention that they would carry over to the forum and permanently ban me there. It is apparent to anyone reading the mod posts about me that both seem to have harbored long and significant grudges against me for whatever reasons??

I certify here that I have never been vulgar, disgusting or intentionally tried to disrupt or foul NH or any other blog. I have one agenda when I blog and that is to support WAR veterans, regardless of their politics.

Michael said...

Update: been reinstated on forum and now the mains....thanks be to all who dared show support for that...

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