Sunday, June 7, 2009

NBA Finals Game 2.

After one quarter it's 15-15. Maybe the shittiest quarter in the history of the NBA finals. Not sure that with ET, Jonathan, Yakki, Roachman, and myself starting and Zilla, Ellen, Chrish and Priscilla coming off the bench that we couldn't put on a more entertaining brand of Basketball. Hell just having Ellen and I on the same team would make for better TV than this shit.


Anonymous said...

It actually turned out to be a pretty good game. LA won 101-96 in OT. The Contessa asked why do they keep showing Kobe he's not really doing anything? I said in the Count's trademark fashion "because all of these people would like nothing more than to fuck him up the ass or blow him."

Jonathan said...

I, for one, will be happy for Kobe when he wins the Finals, just so he can shut Shaq up once and for all. God, I used to like him, now I wonder why I admired that ego-driven asshole in the first place.

Anonymous said...

now I wonder why I admired that ego-driven asshole in the first place.

Yes Lord knows that doesn't describe Kobe or just about every pro athlete. :)

Orlando lost this game in the first quarter when LA couldn't do shit and they didn't take advantage.

et said...

Yakki playing basketball would be amazing. He'd just wind up the opposing team with his rope and we could entertain the crowd with stunts and free-throws!

I seriously miss him and hope he's OK. Think I'll ping him on "real" e-mail right now, in point of fact.

How's your week ahead looking, Count? Kiddo has finals here. Means pickup at school at noon Every Single Day: meh!

Anonymous said...

How's your week ahead looking, Count? Kiddo has finals here. Means pickup at school at noon Every Single Day: meh!

Honestly? pretty much like every week. Seriously they have all started to look the same. This time of year is actually worse for me than most because there is not much to look forward to. but it's all good.

I tried to go 3 days with out the net but gave up last night. Sad.

et said...

IMO, a diet of no-Internet is only justified when hammocks, beaches, a sparkling clean pool and copious Mai Tais are involved as the alternative activity.

Hmm. That sounds good. Can I meet you and the rest of the prospective basketball team there?

Our sales rep is in town and we have a day full of meetings tomorrow, apart from the school jaunt. Oy. But she's a neat lady and we've known each other forever. She has taken up the ukulele (yes, by choice...), so we picked up an instructional DVD on same at the music store last week, and I've Photoshopped her photo and phony "liner notes" onto the cover. She is now the "Killer Krooner of Kauai."

As we know from Blat...never let me have your photo... :-)

Anonymous said...

I miss Yakki as well. I feel bad cause one of the last times he was on months ago he sent me a message on one of those instant messengers and I did not see it until too late.

Anonymous said...

She has taken up the ukulele (yes, by choice...),

I just got done taking Banjo lessons. My dad taught me some guitar problem is he really couldn't play worth a damn either. So I said I wanted to really learn to play an instrument...I picked the banjo.

at the end of the day I play the Banjo right now about as well as I play the guitar. You draw your own conclusions.

et said...

ET Daughter's taking guitar and voice lessons. She's in the International Baccalaureate program at her high school, and one of the elements of that is the "Middle Years Personal Project," which starts in Gr 9 and is completed and presented in Gr 10. For her project, she is producing her own CD with songs she is writing. One that she apparently wrote in its entirety last Thursday, prior to her Friday guitar/voice lesson, was pronounced by her guitar teacher as one of the best he had ever heard in some 15 years of working with young musicians, and he even recommended that she professionally record it and offered to play backup for free for such an event! WOW, is ET proud of her.

Of course, being the parents, we haven't heard a note of this effort. Yet.

I'll sing out when and if I hear news from Yakki. Just pinged him now.

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