Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Translator Needed

Here we go again monitoring comments not the site.

Pointing out how FOX (O'Reilly) bashes left wing blogs for comments not the site would be relevant ,but right wing sites can have comments too IMHO. What is Daily KOS, Huffington only people aloud to comment?
Can I cite you for exclamation point abuse if we giving out tickets?
Its a simple debate about monitoring COMMENTS on Fox Nation blog vs. exposing their bias on their website or TV.


You don't have to make it personal and bash me .

And NO I don't like FOX News or any of its personalities except there newest addition Tucker Carlson.

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Anonymous said...

Funny how quickly Pres. Obama forgets the venom being spewed by MSNBC against conservative viewpoints. They have Chris Matthews perpetually foaming at the mouth attacking anything to do with conservatives or Republicans, Keith Olberman being his usual snarky self with his over-the-top shtick, and a cast of others too many to name. But I guess it's OK as long as Chris continues to get that tingle down his leg. Talk about hypocrisy!
Lou | 06.17.09 - 4:03 pm | #

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