Friday, June 19, 2009

Not As Much As Your Posts

On this point I agree with you: There was no longer a point to this protest. Letterman's 2nd apology was acceptable (his first one totally sucked), Sarah Palin accepted the apology. This episode is over.

Gees Now I guess David Letterman can sleep at night.

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et said...

This just in: clouds prevent proper operation of Sarah Palin's sundial, making it impossible for her to calculate what time it is in Russia from her house. The Governor demands apologies from weather and the Solar System, in particular for implying that none of her children - especially baby Trig - can tell time. A small gathering of garden gnomes plans protests outside the offices of the National Weather Service. Fox News denounces the innate anti-Palin bias of weather in that it dumps more snow on Alaska than any other part of the country: part of the vast left-wing conspiracy? A "sunshine-only" campaign is launched around Bristol Palin, who declares that when the weather is nice and you're spending more time outside, it's easier to be abstinent because other people are watching. Levi Johnston tries to borrow a snow machine from Todd Palin to make a music video; Todd Palin threatens to shoot him from a helicopter; TMZ obtains footage of their fisticuffs which is remixed online by thousands of YouTube enthusiasts. Piper abandons use of her hand entirely and begins licking the baby's hair directly, developing hairballs. Willow, meanwhile, glad not to be the focus for a change, hides in one of the RNC wardrobe boxes and waits for everything to play out.

Finally, a month later, Carlos Mencia apologizes on behalf of weather, and all is forgiven.

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