Wednesday, June 3, 2009

God Bless Texas Ditto Heads

From Think Progress:


Another home-run by the master himself! I would love to see Mr Limbaugh interview Ugly Sonia. LOL

Only Mr limbaugh has the guts to call out Colon Powell for the weasel he is . . . so-called Republican back-stabbing his own candidate to vote for "the brother."

Disgusting . . . but totally in line with a mulatto who got where he was because he was "clean and articulate." Where's all the lib outrage over that bit of bigotry?

That's right all you liberals . . . stay in your warped universities listening to your fascist, left-wing, gutless professors bad mouth your country.

Whatever you do, don't make your own way in the world or think for yourself. You don't want to be like Mr Limbaugh . . . a man who owns a private jet, a fleet of cars, beautiful homes, is the top-rated radio personality, is a multi-millionaire, has private audiences with the rich and powerful wherever he goes, in unafraid to speak the truth, and has a listening audience of over 20 million.

No . . . by all means . . . live off your parents for as long as possible then go work for a non-profit like Obongo advises. LOL

Rush wants President Obama (ooh, scary lefty) to fail, otherwise his megalomaniacal, egocentric, conservative (authoritarian) dreamworld utterly falls apart.

Nope. Just so America can get back on track and we can start correcting the errors of the Worst Generation . . . of which Obongo is the crowning jewel.

If Obama fails, America fails.

That's a joke, right? Blue Lips has nationalized more industry than Hugo Chavez . . in fact, Chavez was joking today that Comrade Obongo is more to the left than Chavez & Castro.

His European Apology Tour accomplished nothing except make him and the US look weak. The entire world now knows what a weakling Obongo is. The Chinks just laughed at Obama's hand-picked, butt-boy emissary Little Timmy Geitner. Do you understand what an affront that is?

By late this summer, we will be seeing either hyper-inflation or rising interest rates. More plant closings. More expenditures . . . and more and more corruption surfacing.

You are delusional if you think supporting Obongo is patriotic . . . if you truly feel that, then that makes me one sad little puppy.

I hope . . . and pray . . . that we can resolve our political issues. But reading garbage like yours makes me think that this will only be settled by a second civil war.

I hope I'm wrong.

No, frankly, it isn't . . . and I'm being totally, totally serious because I think there are a few of you here who are serious, well-meaning, decent folks.

Whatever the Left, Liberalism and Progressivism may have once stood for . . . it is long gone.

I invite you to read LIBERAL FASCISM . . . $20 on Amazon

I also invite you to study the work of Antonio Gramsci and Geoge Lukacs . . . although that's a little harder go.

You are on the wrong side.

please don't feed the trolls! Flag, ignore, rinse, repeat.

There you go . . . perfect example of liberal fascism.

Anyone not spewing the Party line = troll.

Flag = compel a higher authority = big government = mommy & daddy . . .

. . . to deal with the problem I can't outhink or out-debate.

Classic! The end of political discourse in America brought about by the sissies and morons who whine the loudest . . .


et said...

Is it just me, Count, or does every day swing these ninnies even more to the fringes of the already-fringe viewpoints they support? Ye gods, it's like Cheney. The more he tries to cover his ass, the more he lays the groundwork for his own downfall. Talk, talk, talk and contradict in every other sentence. These morons keep on talking, and thus keep marginalizing themselves.

I'd tell them that nobody gives a rat's ass what they have to say, except for their own brethren and the corporations that continue to profit from their ignorance, but it would be wasted effort - they long since stopped listening to anything but the voices in their heads.

In the meantime, it makes for some entertaining theatre, that's for sure. Except to the extent that it inflames the nuttiest of the fringe to violence...

Anonymous said...

I loved how the gun starts with full insults a blazin then laments the end of political discourse. :) And not it's not just you.

Anonymous said...

Gun=Guy :)

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