Thursday, June 18, 2009

Anyone find this really disturbing?

So I found this on a porn star's comment me page, and no, I wasn't watching this porn star's 'work,' if that's what you're thinking. I was only admiring the pictures on said site, nothing more. Don't judge me!

Question: Bree [Olson] I could sit and play with my d**k all day watching you do your thing, as a matter of fact i some times skip work to do it. How does that make you feel? As a matter of fact i am doing right now watching you f**k in the alley. You are f**ing hot. I think of you when f**ing my girl. How does that make you feel? I love when you talk dirty while doing your hot stuff. Your p***y rocks! You are one of my favorite. Can you one day do a scene with Brandi Belle. i love her too, i would love to join the two of you, while my girl watched. We could tie my girl up while i f**ed you, and brandi could lick my girls p***y, and you could lick Brandi's p***y. This sounds very hot... What do you think. XOXO your favorite fan Greg Keep talking while f**ing, it makes my d**k so hard and it makes me explode, i would love to drp aload in your mouth one day. later take care ?

First - I like watching xxx movies just as much as the next red-blooded male, but i'm not going to skip work to watch a porn star do her thing.
Second - This is why I don't leave comments on a porn site, no matter how much I 'admire' her work.


Anonymous said...

What A coincidence The Ranger left the very same comment on a Sarah Palin site.

Jonathan said...


Anonymous said...

I was joking but I wouldn't be surprised.

et said...

Er...yes, it's disturbing. Promulgating it, also.

Anonymous said...

Last I checked I was both male and red blooded and porn movies don't appeal to me. Honestly most of the guys I know do not watch them either.

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