Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Open Thread.

It would seem as if Murphy's law has set in this week. I was suppose to go downtown tonight and watch the cigar roller from La Gloria Cubana but it's raining like Mofo out right now. Thankfully it's suppose to stop by 5 O'clock or so. Not only is there a cigar roller from La Gloria but supposedly the Tobacco shop has special deals going on for La Gloria and those are the Count's favorite cigar.

As penitence for dragging the Contessa to the cigar roller I have to caddy this weekend for her IF we get a dry day. If not I have to caddy next week. My Brother's fiance is a golfer and he chose to take up the sport to share her interest. My Wife is a golfer and I thought about taking up the sport but decided against it for 2 reasons. I do not have the temperament for it. I hit two bad shots I get pissed I hit 50 bad shots. And I just thought there was no more need for me to show interest in all of her passions as there was for her to show interest in all of mine. As somebody who needs a lot of space I recognize others also need that space. So I just said Golf is your thing go ahead and knock a ball around for an afternoon and pretend you're hitting me with the club. If you want to play put put call me. Plus, and I suspect this isn't true of my Brother I don't mind not being as good at something as my wife. Shit she's been taken out to play golf since she was 5. She played competitively in high school. I have played the par 3 18 hole course at the put put place. But we always have bowling...that's right she kicks my ass at that as well.

Anyway open thread Friday.

BTW ET I have some questions for you. Is Sarah right? Does Dave Letterman owe you an apology?


Anonymous said...

This thread reminds me of my neighbor. He goes outside to sneak a smoke from view of his wife. He's 86. No Joke.

et said...

No way does Letterman owe me an apology. One, he's a late-night comic, and a fairly lame one at that. Taking offense at anything he says is like yelling at the clouds because you walked in the rain and got wet: you know what it's about, going in. Two, to be owed an apology you have to feel yourself to be the target, and I don't think he was talking about women in general, much less myself. Third, all women with a brain - including ET Daughter - know Items One and Two, and are secure enough in their own individuality not to be bothered for a moment.

But I'll cheerfully take an apology from Sarah, for having the gall to put herself forward as some kind of spokesperson for and champion of Womankind. And while she's at it she can tell her kids she's sorry for using them as everything from stage props to media bait.

et said...

Of course, I could have put it WAY more succinctly by simply quoting Eleanor Roosevelt's statement that "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." Sarah Palin clearly consents and wants reparations, and perhaps a cookie. I and many other American women do not consent.

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