Monday, June 22, 2009

Jeremiah really is this stupid

Like you already didn't know that.

jeremiah says:
June 22nd, 2009 at 1:31 am

RE: is it more that someone, somewhere on the world wide web said it, and therefore it’s the absolute truth.

Well, let’s see … if you type in “Obama’s brother $1 a day” you come up with 1,120,000 search results … that’s One Million-One Hundred and Twenty Thousand.

So it must be true. He lives in Africa.

That would be like me saying that Bush was behind 9/11 because there's 24,300,000 hits on Google (actual count, btw) that say so; therefore, it must be true!


Anonymous said...

Only 4,250 hit's for Jeremiah sucks former Marine's cock so it may or may not be true.

However there is only 954 hits for Jeremiah sucks Mark Noonan's cock so we know who he prefers.

et said...

Oh, the bottomless idiocy of the lots-of-people-think-(or-have-tweeted)-it, therefore it must be true, point of view. Absolutely as bankrupt as the Fox News cheerleaders' bleatings about ratings.

Earth to Jeremiah: popularity is no indicator of real value. Remember that at one time the popular view was that the sun revolved around the earth.

Blithering ninnies...

ouspensky said...

I have gotten so fed up with Noonan, Jeremiah, Js and especially Frmrfakemarine their resident white supremisist, that I contacted the FBI. It is shocking that despite Noonans' recent pledge to not allow the type of vulgarity that spews from fakemarine that he still allows it. Go figure. It is frustrating that the only rebuttals that they allow to their eye spinningly insane contentions are those that cannot express themselves so well. Sort of like a rigged game. As for me, I have been banned there for many months. I hope that my phone call produces some results. Maybe we should start a campaign!!

Anonymous said...

As for me, I have been banned there for many months.

What were you doing to get banned typing the truth?

ouspensky said...

Typing the truth. More like challenging them. When it was Blogsforbush and they used Type Key I was able to re-establish my presence under many different names. Now that they use Wordpress they ban my ISP. These people are complete assholes and I hope that my call to the FBI results in some action. At a minimum to rattle Noonans' cage. But I sincerely hope that they show up and fake jerkoff marines door with some questions and a displeased look.

Anonymous said...

Typing the truth. More like challenging them.

Same same. The truth is their biggest challenge. BTW Glad I am not the only one who thinks Former Marine's military career consists of DVD collections of Gomer Pyle USMC and JAG.

ouspensky said...

I have a grand idea. One that is sure to make fake marines' head explode. On today's "Phrase of the day" marine made a bet that he was in the marines. He claimed he provided Noonan with his email address and showed him pictures of when he was in Viet Nam. (At least now we know his ~ age) ANyway, he would have to reveal his identity in order to verify that the pictures (which he would have to share) is actually him. He would have to show a current drivers license and match it with his military ID. Find someone who hasn't been banned from there to make the challenge to him. In the meantime I'll make some popcorn!

Anonymous said...

Noonan with his email address and showed him pictures of when he was in Viet Nam. (At least now we know his ~ age)

So he's in his 60's which would make him 30 years younger than Noonan.

ouspensky said...

I see you live in Omaha. I live in KC and you're right. It is a hot mthrfkr! So hot that even after I watered my impatients they still drooped.
Funny comment about Noonan. I wish there was some way to get that site shut down. Those yahoos infuriate me no end. I can't stand what they think because they are just so wrong, smug and self-rightious about everything. Since you are a blogger do you not know of someway to get around the banning of comments?

Anonymous said...

What gets me about the weather is for most of May and the first half of June it was between 60-70 just about everyday and from the people's reaction you would have thought it was 10. I went to a high school graduation in a small town in Iowa and it was about 67 degrees the people were just bitching nonstop about how Cold it was.

While we were in a amazing streak of what I thought were beautiful days I would sit outside for hours and would hear people bitch about it. Even our news idiots were on TV every night wondering when it would ever get hot.

Well guess what? they got what they wanted and you know what the same people are doing now? bitching it's too hot! it's too hot! I feel like Mr. Rourke on Fantasy Island laughing as these people are getting what they wanted and finding it sucks.

Next time we get an May and and half of June filled with 65-70 days maybe people will embrace it and not wish for this BS...but they won't.

As for Noonan I saw his picture on another blog or at least what the person claimed was his picture. This person was a fan of Noonan and was hoping he would run for Senate. There is a thread here where I posted the pic. I am guessing in either May or April if you want to look for it. Anyway I was shocked Noonan was that old. I don't know why I thought he would be between 30-50. Silly me I figure people that reach a certain age have a molecule of common sense that Noonan does not have. I should know better some people never grow up.

Anonymous said...

Since you are a blogger do you not know of someway to get around the banning of comments?

Well that's a matter of opinion. :)

Anyway Some people have proxy servers that keep changing their ISPN. I have been banned from websites I agree with hence the name of the blog. I just waited until my ISPN switched. If they ban you by email address that's easy to get around just create another email.

Jonathan is the Blogs for dipshits follower I am not sure if he is banned or not. I am pretty sure I am for posting as "God" and freaking Jeremiah out.

ouspensky said...

I posted my satirical comment as Yahweh but it was never posted. Stuck in "awaiting moderation" land. I have changed my email address but since they use Wordpress I can't get around it. I am sure they have blocked my IP address. I even tried a trial version of Hide My IP but even that didn't work because Wordpress registration integrates the user name, password and IP. Guess I will have to wait for the FBI or find a fellow BFV nemisis who will act as my proxy! Stay cool today. It's going to be hot again.

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