Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Night Trolling

thank god for fox news

ACORN sucks, pretty simple they suck, commit voter fraud and just are a waste of taxpayers money,

Anytime a post starts like this next one you know some good old fashion trolling is about to commence.

What I see in these comments is a lot of name-calling, personal attacks, 'wearetheonlyarbitersofthetruth', and vitriolic viscousness without much in the way of facts being presented.

For the record, I believe that there is way too much name-calling and twisting of half-truths on both sides of the left/right debate.

Here's some facts that I do know:
part of the money I pay in US Federal taxes goes to ACORN (millions of our tax dollars);
ACORN refuses (to this point) to account for exactly where this money goes and how it is used;
among the followers of Saul Alinsky (author of "Rules For Racicals") were Wade Rathke and Barack Obama;
Rathke went on to join the SDS and later found ACORN;
Obama's community organizing in Chicago was based on Alinsky's methodologies ( );
Obama is bailing out the banking industry, the automobile industry, and the insurance industry;
with each bailout, the Federal gov't get a bigger piece of the bailee's pie;
Obama wants to socialize healthcare;
the Democrat-led congress wants to loan 100 billion of our tax dollars to the International Money Fund (can you say 'global bailout'?).

So based on all these facts, am I a conspiracy nutjob or are you happy to become more of a socialist country with every Czar that Obama appoints and every bill that Congress passes?

Both political parties have made way too many major mistakes that will cost us as a nation dearly now and in the future.

I know that most of you do love your country, as I do.
I would hope that every person in this country would start investigating on their own to find the truth; start thinking on their own; and realize that there is way too much being passed off as truth by both Democrats and Republicans when neither one is right.
Most of the truth is not on the left side of the box or the right side of the box -- it's outside the box that politicians create to keep us all from the truth so they can get more power over the people they are suppose to serve.
I hope we all wake up before it is too late.

Honestly after the cliched "name calling start" I didn't bother with the rest of the nonsense.

Some more...

Glenn Beck has more sense in his little finger that the pitiful brainpower of all the authors and readers on this pathetic site combined.

Give it up for Christ's sake. You look stupid!

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"Vitriolic viscousness"??

Sounds sticky.

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