Friday, June 5, 2009

How About An Open Thread

So The Contessa likes to say "if you get bored you can clean out the dishwasher" So I asked her tonight what would she say if I ever said "you know I just never got bored so the dishes are still in there" She said I would say "then take them out asshole". :)

Even though Oprah (God) saw fit to have winter last until well into April she has redeemed herself by giving us a glorious May and so far June. With a few days exception it has been in the 60's and 70's since the start of May instead of say 957. But amazingly there are people who want 957 degree weather. Having your shirt stick to you as you struggle to breath and fight the urge to puke appeals to these people. It does not to me. As for the clowns who are complaining it is cold...give me a fucking break.

I still don't know what to make of this David Carradine story. was it a suicide? was it an accident brought on by some sort of odd self sex act?

as the AP article states...

Police Lt. Gen. Worapong Chewprecha told reporters that Carradine was found with a rope "tied around his penis and another rope around his neck."

"The two ropes were tied together," he said. "It is unclear whether he committed suicide or not or he died of suffocation or heart failure due to an orgasm.


There's got to be easier and safer ways of pleasure ones self.

Game one of the NBA finals sucked Monkey nards.

At what point to Rush's words become acts of sedition?

Anyway open thread Friday.

Oh P.S. I see from the results of the last poll I am the last "Brunette" man around. :)


Anonymous said...

I have yet to meet an Animal that didn't love Dean Martin. I put a Dean CD on and every animal in the house is sitting by the speaker chilling out. I tell ya Dean works as well as catnip.

Anonymous said...

I may lay off the net for the weekend. Recharge my batteries.

MC Metal said...

Great video for you to enjoy courtesy of MC Metal.

et said...

MC Metal! Good to eYou!

Cooler today at last - mid 70s vs. almost 90 - and I bought a couple of oscillating fans so there's air moving. This doesn't help the replacement A/C unit compressor that is languishing somewhere in Customs and causing our repairs to get pushed out a whole week...but at least we're no longer in a inadvertent sauna.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff McMetal good to see you. Why do all of the book stores have big ass dispalys of Ayn Rand's books? I have never read her books though I know of a few Liberals who like her books but most do not. Near as I can tell it isn't just her message of get all you can and fuck everybody else it's the fact the her writing style from what little I have read... drives me nuts. She takes 50 pages to say what she could say in 2.

Anonymous said...

Cryptic message time. There is a poster on off topic who is probably the best troll I have ever seen. they're so good at it that they manages to express the words and feelings of the cook right while coming off as "worried" about them.

" This could be used by people on the right to make Obama look like ___________ and I am afraid it will."

These words could be used by Obama to make him sound like________________ I am afraid they will"

I have given this person the benefit of the doubt until now but I am convinced the only difference between them and a normal troll is that they are just really good at it.

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