Thursday, June 4, 2009

NBA Finals Game 1 Thread

Pau Gasol ponders the answer to what is 3+3?

I say the Lakers win in 6 but I hope I am wrong.

Off Topic...but It's OUR Blog!

EtJtObama is the most obnoxious troll on Newshounds. far mor obnoxious than even Damail...

Abortion is just another divisive issue to keep us bickering over the details, when our country is being destroyed in front our own eyes. This decision is for the mother to make, she knows better than anyone, what kind of life she can or cannot give to a child. Meanwhile we should be concerned about:
>Our eroding rights.
>Our emptied treasury.
>Our Corrupt media.
>Our soldiers, before they are destroyed by our military.
>Our country's murderous ways.
To name only a few. Meanwhile consider reminding the pansy-assed Vets, that they have an oath that they are sworn to. Something about protecting us, from the enemy within.

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Anonymous said...

You have got to be shitting me! They fire Michelle Tafoya and replace her with Dorris Burke? I guaranfuckingtee you no athleteno matter how happy is going to say Hey Dorris You're looking good tonight girl!

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