Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Damail Loves Her Some Sarah

"Americans totally rejected her values..."

She wasn't running for president. John McCain was.

Since you are unable to respond without insulting anybody who DARES to disagree with you, I will spell it out: Sarah Palin brought some much-needed energy into the McCain campaign.

You are thoroughly wrong when you say he was in the running until he picked Palin. The polls show they were leading slightly right after the convention. When the economy tanked shortly afterwards, that's what doomed their chances.

Sarah Palin's political future is bright. Fact.

So I guess by Damail's logic if not for the energy of Sarah Moosejaw McCain would have lost by 20% instead of the 10% he did lose by. And by the way didn't damail just totally contradict herself with these two statements? She wasn;t running but neither was he until she showed up.


Anonymous said...

Tip from the Count. I should have learned this sooner than I did. If somebody says something completely freaking ignorant on a message board odds are pretty good you aren't the only one that noticed it. So if you want to avoid confrontation that may lead to trouble wait for somebody else to call that person out and then just agree with them.

Michael said...

Actually, that is exactly what happened to me. I agreed with john t about chris and i was the one who got banned. Of course, i couldn't let it go with one post.....LOL.

et said...

Yeah, yeah - Caribou Barbie is SOOOO popular that they'll disinvite/dis-speak her twice for a GOP fundraiser so that instead they can listen to NEWT spout tired old 1980s garbage. Meh! Sorry, Damail: your heroine is moose-toast.

Michael said...

Damail has always been my favorite NH troll..with the exception of Ranger Bob, of course. LOL

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