Tuesday, June 30, 2009

EtJ is A Teabagger

The basic tea party goer is what our Founding Fathers would be quite proud of. Our Founding Fathers would be classified as terrorists today. Fool americans deserve what is happening to them. The boob tube had turned the majority of fool americans into basic boobs. Looking for a little attention with no capability of thought. Between the boob tube and special ops, the tea party patriots have been infiltrated and made out to be a devisive bunch for the good of the criminals in charge of america's destruction. Our Founding Fathers had suggestions for what Patriots should do. Immediate action is recommended at this time. Or kiss your sorry asses good-bye.

Congrats to the Franken. We will now see if power and money will corrupt him... Failure to comply(America is more like Nazi Germany everyday), will see his demise. Classic MO for the true powers, that actually control america today.
Meanwhile americans will reach for their remote, root for their team of choice, eat, drink, or drug themselves silly. Let us not forget quibble over which party(one party system boys and girls) is gulity of america's destruction.
All is well fool americans, your brain-washing is complete. CHEERS !!


et said...

I find it hilarious that they're hoping to pull off these Tea Party sequels on the 4th of July, of all days. First, like it was all so successful the first time. Second, who is going to be paying an iota of attention? It's about the fireworks and BBQs, not about nasty rhetoric and poorly-spelled signs: I mean, people have the day off and aren't going to spend it going to listen to these blowhards froth. And as it's a weekend, they'll completely miss any kind of useful news cycle (cable will still be devoted to Michael Jackson right through the holiday, imo).

No, they'll only be talking to themselves. As usual.

If they didn't have this tendency as a group toward terminal, over-the-top anger, it would actually be a little bit sad.

Anonymous said...

Off topic sorta...

I have a question for you ET you can either answer it like a human or like a christian conservative. I asked the Contessa and she couldn't answer it. How many "lines" can a man "cross" with other woman and still pat himself on the back for not "crossing" the ultimate "line"?

Seems to me that Mr Sanford either cheated or he didn't and yes one need not penetrate the vagina to be a cheater. This one has me stumped. Maybe he ran 250 meter sprints with these women and never quite finished the races. Or something like that.

The Count's Creator Your Heavenly Father

et said...

I don't think I can top the explanation provided over at Jesus' General, Count, to be really honest. I'd like to see any number of Fox News hosts try suggestion #10 in particular. I'd even pay good money for that.

To be the tiniest bit serious - the man is delusional. He blathers on in public about trying to fall back in love with his wife, despite his Argentinian soul-mate...which I am sure endears him to Jenny Sanford no end. He justifies not immediately resigning his office by comparing himself to the Old Testament figure of King David...admittedly not as far as "Our Heavenly Father" Caribou Barbie went, but still a big adventure in hubris for the man who made "hiking in Appalachia" the latest slang for marital infidelity. And on top of all this, he keeps on talking! Either none of his aides has the good sense to tell him "Shut up already, Governor, you're only making it worse" or they're as eager to see him go away as everyone else is.

None of these family-values, Sunday-go-to-meeting guys is a stranger to hypocrisy. We've seen one after another of them collapse for saying one thing and doing something dramatically other. But it's a real trifecta to claim that on Father's Day you're away from your family hiking (on Nude Hiking Day), to actually spend that time in Argentina with The Other Woman, and then to subject yourself to the cable news death-of-a-thousand-cuts on a self-inflicted basis the following week.

If he thinks he can do all this and still serve out the rest of his term with any kind of effectiveness...well, who KNOWS where he thinks these "lines" he has or hasn't crossed are?

Maybe they're tan lines.

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