Sunday, June 14, 2009

They're as mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore!

I, or course, am talking about David Letterman's joke about Sarah Palin's kid getting knocked-up by Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees. Now the conservatives want him.....(drumroll, please)......fired from his gig as hos of The Late Show on CBS.

Sebastian Gray at HillBuzz has been giving lessons this week on how to get David Letterman fired for his rape jokes about Gov. Sarah Palin’s 14-year-old daughter, Willow.

Today he has a post explaining that Republicans do not have the same tenacity as Democrats in working the system to get what they want — in this case, persuading CBS to fire David Letterman. He is correct. However, there is a bonanza of empowerment in it for Republicans if we make this a fight we are determined to win.

Sebastian says it will take 30 days of daily letter-writing to CBS and Letterman’s advertisers. That’s because for the first two or three weeks, they’ll just wait for the tempest to blow over. Not only do we have to keep it up, we have to make it build. This is our line in the sand. Letterman MUST BE FIRED NOW!!!

So I take it Jay Leno and Bill Maher should be protested as well? Both comedians have made jokes about the Governor of Alaska and her daughter, Bristol.

Furthermore, Letterman didn't mention Palin's 14 year-old, Willow when making that joke. She did that all on her own. Letterman's joke was tasteless (IMO, political leader's kids are - or should be - out-of-bounds), but Palin is out to make this bigger than what it needs to be.


Anonymous said...

They have to keep Sister Sarah in the spotlight until 2012.

Anonymous said...

If these people really want to help Princess Sarah I would suggest they give up going after Letterman and use their efforts instead on teaching Mrs. Palin how to read.

et said...

Let them have at it. The more they knock themselves out on this, the less time they will have to do anything of actual substance to inflict further RW damage on the country.

Also, it may have flown right over their empty heads, but these dopes might want to consider that the primary rival to Letterman's program has just undergone a change in hosting, and the likelihood that they will yank Letterman's contract at a time like this - for ANY reason this side of eyewitness-documented felonies - is into the negative numbers. Stability, brand identity and name recognition trump even advertiser revenues right now as far as that time slot is concerned.

In fact, CBS probably appreciates the extra attention. It will make sure that people who don't normally even watch Letterman, who happen to be up, tune in just to see if he'll keep the topic going...I did just that on Friday, and I never watch the show.

So, go get 'em, gang! Keep those cards and letters coming! At the end of the day CBS will write you a thank-you note for all the free publicity. And it will arrive addressed: "Dear Blithering Idiots,"

Anonymous said...

You know my relationship with DU has soured considerably. This is why...

One of the few non Obama sucks threads on the board...

There are several media outlets that reported:

1. Governor Palin was traveling to New York with her husband Todd, her daughter Willow, a sister and a nephew.

2. Governor Palin attended the Yankee stadium.

Normal, unbiased logic would conclude that if her daughter was present at Yankee Stadium, that it would be Willow, the 14 year old.

But, noooo... on DU - but thankfully, not on Letterman anymore - "it was never reported that it was Willow who was at the game."

Thankfully, this warped logic was not present last November, but may be in 2010 and in 2012.

First, from AP, June 7

Blah...Blah...Blah... Why does "Question Everything" on DU with over 1000 posts weep for Sarah? Get ready...

Because of Malia and Sasha. At least, this is why I care

and because it is a continuation of the sexist "jokes" aimed at women in public. It was with Hillary Clinton last year, continues with Nancy Pelosi, and Sarah Palin and even Sotomayor was criticized by some on the right for wearing high heel shoe on one foot, while the other was in a cast.

Because women in politics are still being commented on their cleavage, their legs, their wardrobe, makeup, hairdo - you name it.

Because when the now former Miss California was criticized on her gay marriage opinion, the attacker used the "B" and the "C" words on her. As was with Hillary last year here, on DU. Whenever a woman in public is being attacked using these words, and now add "slutty," this shows that the attacker cannot find other reasons to disagree with her.

They will go after Malia and Sasha, at some point, and now they will have an excuse to do so. And this is why we should join Palin - and now Letterman - in condemning that joke about her daughter.

Oh please. Women in politics will get criticized just as Men will. It comes with the game. and yes a bald, short or fat manw ould draw heavy criticism for his appearance.

As for...

Because women in politics are still being commented on their cleavage, their legs, their wardrobe, makeup, hairdo - you name it.

Maybe it's because these are all Sarah Palin and Carrie California have. Palin and Carrie California have made their living off of their appearance. The Hottest Governor from the Coldest state?

So there are some Democrats who apparently have bought into this he needs to apologize to all women crap Sarah spews.

And BTW during the election at least the don't say nothing bad about Sarah cause she's a woman crowd was quite large. Almost as large as the let's bash Hillary with every other word crowd was over there.

et said...

That is such garbage, Count, I can't even begin to address it.

And I have to say/hope that the day is passing when whatever any female politician has to say on any given issue has to depend on her wardrobe... is passing, and passing fast.

All this reportage is all blithering trivia! What did her shoes look like? Was she wearing a skirt? Holy cats, can you find a less significant criterion for seriousness in the political spectrum?

Well, if you're the GOP...maybe not...

Anonymous said...

That is exactly what you fools have been doing to FoxNews but were too damn stupid to know it !!!!

Good point. Your post has been scrubbed for name calling. but good point. By the way we don't tolerate name calling here. Cocksucker.

et said...

There's a difference. This is a one-off campaign targeting one ill-chosen joke by one guy: in other words, raising trivia to a level of importance it doesn't deserve.

Un-spinning the nonsense from Fox News is dealing with an overall pattern, from an entire network, of spreading inaccurate information on the critical news of the day. That is vital, not trivial.

Anonymous said...

ET talking sense to our "friend" Ranger is futile.

et said...

Oh, Oh, I'm not talking to him, Count! Just to the readers here that he somehow hallucinates give a rat's ass for what he has to say...


ZIRGAR said...

I agree that politician's families should be off limits, unless those family memebers are also public figures or advocates or politicans, etc. I think this is a tempest in a teacup and I would've had complete sympathy for Palin if she had issued a simple condemnation of Letterman, but she had to politicize it and drag it out, ad nauseum. She's a dolt, pure and simple, without even the commen sense of a toad.

PS--Sorry, I haven't commented in a while but whenever I go to certain Blogger pages I end up getting 60 cascading Internet Explorer screens opened up and shutting down my computer. Looks liek the bugs are finally worked out.

woke said...

Well, if Palin and her "handlers" want to keep this alive I believe it does one thing exceedingly well.....continues to draw attention to the unbelievable HYPOCRISY and IDIOCY of a person who preached abstinence only sex education and whose child thereby paid a price for it.

They can keep her in the limelight all they want but it just strengthens the knowledge of her lameness each and everytime imho. Perhaps that is why she was nearly unknown when picked as veep candydate and was kept away from the press as much as was possible. She's a LOSER and if repugs cannot understand that, fine with me.

As for Letterman, never really cared for his smarmy, sarcastic humor that much, but to make him public enemy number one of the repugs simply shows how pathetic and to what depths they've fallen, having zero to say about political issues that matter, they continue to believe their cultural jihad will work. Been there done that, it's over imho and to attempt to pretend that repugs are the party of women's rights is laughable, eh?

et said...

Don'tcha love that their "massive rally" on Tuesday to demand Letterman's ouster drew, at best estimate, maybe 35 people? It was a Tea Party without the tea and without the party.

And Woke is absolutely correct in saying that everybody but Sarah Palin understands that Time On Camera, especially Time On Camera Talking, is NOT her friend. Every interview or statement is like a recurrence of the gout. All it does is remind you of what hurt so much the first time it turned up.

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