Wednesday, June 3, 2009

She's Out of Hiding!

After hiding for a few days after her man was an accessory to murder Damail is back with a few friends.

While the lamestream press continues to give full coverage to the killing of George Tiller (which they should), they have ignored this murder of a soldier down in Arkansas. For everybody who keeps claiming that O'Reily and others have blood on their hands, you now have to say the same thing about Code Pink, World Can't Wait, Medea Benjamin, Cindy Sheehan, and all other people and organizations who have harassed recruting centers. Go ahead. Be consistent for once in your life.

It is the left that spews hate. And hypocrisy.

"Hannity seems to be fine with the killing of an abortion doctor..." - Nayef

Lie. Hannity condemned it on his show Monday.

What I said about hypocrisy is true. It's right in front of you. And notice that the rest of the press has been virtually omerta silent about this shooting in Little Rock.

As predicted, Newshounds shows no sympathy toward William Long while defending the black Muslim thug.

Do the people and groups you mentioned have a 1hr primetime nightly show on a national TV network to get their message out?
john t | 06.03.09 - 12:14 pm | #

Oh the irony

They have, MSNBC, NPR, CBS, NBC, Newsweek, Time, etc.
they got their message out, and the rest of us will being paying the price for the ignorant voters for generations.

Hmmm Now Suicide Bob is Bob from accounting. I wonder if he is still pissed about having to pay taxes on his 7 figure job?

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