Monday, August 4, 2008

Meet Pastor Swank

World-O-crap is one of my favorite blogs. they introduce me to the "greatest people" Meet Pastor Swank...


John McCain presently is into a reality kick to expose B. Hussein Obama. More power to him. He’s on the truth track. The more truth McCain kicks up, the more Obama the Liar will be revealed as the deceiver Boy he actually is.

Why evangelicals?

First, they have the most to lose if Muslim Obama gets into the White House. B. Hussein will slice and dice evangelicals for he lives at the extreme other end of the theological spectrum.

Ah...he's a pastor and a racist.

He goes on...

We are tolerant of Hillary Clinton. She is, like Obama, an outright killer. She murders. She slays. She lets blood. Both of them do every day of their luxurious, comfortable lives.

So Pastor Swank is Ralph.

They spill the blood of unborn children in mothers’ wombs.
Do they get called to accountability? Many do not care at all whether these two Hitlers are held accountable for cheering for post-birth abortion.

Is it not sickening that countless Catholics in Pennsylvania gladly informed poll takers that they voted most enthusiastically for Hillary the slayer?

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et said...

World-o'-Crap definitely brings the funny.

I think my favorite line of Swank's was:

In other words, if evangelicals remain silent, God loses His mouthpieces.

Because, you know, omnipotence is nothing without mortal sockpuppets, right?


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