Saturday, August 16, 2008

The View From My Ass

The Perfect Man For McCain.

David Gergan believes that Mitt Romney would be the perfect VP for John McCain and I would have to agree. between the two of them they have been on every side of every issue. Not only that...Mitt Hunts.

Not Saying I Don't Care...

Tonight there is a show on CNN with the candidates where they discuss their faith. I am not saying that the candidates faith isn't an important issue with me but it does rank somewhere between what toppings they enjoy on their pizzas and which "slam" they prefer from Denny's.

I've Seen A Lot Of Things But I Have Never Seen That

The United States men's basketball team was suppose to have their toughest test to date today as they played Spain but they won the game easily 119-82. I didn't think you could get any dopier than Pau Gasol but his brother Marc has him beat hands down. Before every free throw Marc Gasol grabbed himself. Every time the same thing... dribble, grab package, shot free throw. I have to admit I have never seen that free throw routine before.

Reliving My favorite Hate Message.

August 18th 2005. Andrea is my sister. please remember that the people on the news are real people to with families and friends that love them. why would you want to say something hurtful?

The Andrea in Question is Andrea Bredow morning weather gal on KETV in Omaha. Or as I call her Andrea Bredoh! What don't I like about Andrea? No it's not the 4 sweaters she wears every morning no matter the weather, it's not the fact that she basically knows just enough about weather to be able to explain why a thunderstorm happens. it's the fact that any temperature cooler than 97 makes Andrea so very very very...cold. it wasn't until I heard Andrea that I knew a cold front could bring in temperatures of 80 degrees. So when I was told earlier this week that Andrea was complaining about "the awful cool weather" we have been having I could only stifle a laugh. How cool has the "awful cool weather" been? About 85. I am not kidding. Bredoh! complained that 85 degree days were too cold. Yesterday the high was suppose to be 69. Andrea I am sure had her coat at the ready. Sadly she, and everybody else, missed the forecast by about 15 degrees and again it was 85. For August it has certainly been cooler than normal and mercifully so but the only people who could actually call the weather cool either has an IQ of 25 or is named Bredoh! OK...or both.

She's Cold.

The King Is Still Dead. Sorry Kalamazoo.

Yesterday was the 31st Anniversary of the death of Elvis and I didn't post anything about it. I have a good excuse. Honestly I forgot about it. I am an Elvis fan. How big a fan? On a scale of 1 to 10 sometimes as high as 7 or 8 and sometimes as low as 4 or 5 so it depends. seeing as how August 16th came and went and I didn't give it a thought right now I would say I am about a 4. For all of the man's faults, and he had them by the score, the one thing that always drives me nuts is when people bring up the race nonsense. Most of it is traced back to a comment attributed to Elvis that of course HE NEVER MADE In a city he had never been in or a show he had never been on. But be that as it may yesterday thousands of Elvis fans pilgrimaged to Memphis for a candlelight vigil. Now nothing will make you more ashamed to be an Elvis fan faster than other Elvis fans. I have been to Graceland twice. I would like to go one more time at least before I die. There are a few reasons I don't make a lot of trips to Graceland. 1. like I said other Elvis fans are... unique. 2. Memphis is a shithole. (Sorry folks from Memphis) 3. The area around Graceland is a dump. You wouldn't think that would be the case but it is not good. it's not that it's a bad area, though I've heard it is, it's just dirty. Other than Graceland there is nothing to see and no reason to be there. Anyway if you go take the advice of most people and stay downtown and take a bus (every motel has one) to Graceland.

I did buy one of the latest FTD releases. It's called Elvis America. It's a live concert from 1976. Now normally when it comes to Elvis concerts from 1976 my advice is to turn away from it and run as fast as you can. But this one has me intrigued for one albeit stupid reason...most of it was recorded in Omaha. Judging by the cover I am guessing it's a typical 1976 performance. (sadly enough) To be fair Elvis did have some good performances in 1976 but most how can I say this nicely? Substandard. When I get it I'll give it a listen.

And All He Has To Do Is Act Naturally.

With all do apologies to the late Buck Owens and Ringo Starr...They're gonna put Billo in the movies. According to TP...

“An American Carol” — a new movie which opens Oct. 3 — is directed by David Zucker and features a cameo by Bill O’Reilly. The film, according to O’Reilly, is “a spoof of the far left, focusing on Michael Moore, played by Kevin Farley — the late Chris Farley’s brother.” Pandagon notes that O’Reilly previewed the trailer on his show this week. The movie includes a scene in which O’Reilly follows the fictional Moore into a bathroom stall and slaps him.

You can watch the trailer at Think Progress. Also there is a pretty good review of the trailer here

Speaking Of Buck Owens...

The Bear Family of Germany puts out the best albeit pricey box sets in the world. They have put out a Box Set of Buck Owens recordings from 1953-1964 called of course Act Naturally This has got to be one of the best country music box sets of all times. I really really really want this one.

Just 12 days until the second greatest day of the year and 14 days until the greatest day of the year. Until then...


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