Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Post Convention (Day 3)Thoughts

I know a lot of people are complaining about the coverage of the cable news networks and I have 2 questions.

Why are you surprised? And why are you even watching? Watch the speeches then turn it off. Do you really need David Gergan to give you your opinion? "But they thought Biden's speech was bad!" of course they did they are campaigning for McCain. They are after all his base.

I am getting convention fatigue. I had to get out tonight and tomorrow College Football season starts. There's no way I am missing the Obama speech but I may watch less of the convention tomorrow than any other day. Even if I only watched 25 minutes of convention tomorrow that's 25 minutes more than I'll watch of the bullshit jamberoo next week.

Late Edit from Jonathan: Me and ET will be handling the RNC Convention coverage. Someone's gotta do it.


et said...

I learned today after a wearying scrolling through the satellite menu that my provider (remember this is Canada) has dropped C-SPAN. So it's down to one of the other guys. :(

Anonymous said...

:) Did you get to see Kerry's speech? I heard the cable boobs didn't show all of his speech. It was one of his finest moments.

et said...

Naw - MSNBC didn't show it, and in the absence of C-SPAN they're my second choice, mostly for KO, for Rachel Maddow, and for the sake of the shots of Matthews' hair getting blown to the four corners in their weird outdoor set. He's looked ridiculous at least once a night, which is a gift.

I need to make time to view Kerry's speech online. I hear it was a barn-burner.

One of my chief beefs with the cable networks is their penchant for pre-empting speeches they deem "secondary" with mindless footage of their own talking heads blathering.

For the same reason I need to track down Schweitzer's speech on Tuesday, which MSNBC somehow deemed less useful than Pat Buchanan's mad ravings... Excuse me. The crowd is roaring? You'd better show me what the speaker is saying to get them that fired-up rather than some lame analysis of prior events or someone dissecting an earlier speech. Feed me NEWS rather than tripe, dammit!

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