Friday, August 8, 2008

Open Thread Young'uns

Random thoughts...

I suspect that we may be the only two people who read this blog who care about Brett Favre Jonathan but I voted :)

Speaking of Favre Any man who can't spell his last name. :)

And does he pay the media to blow him or do they pay him for the pleasure?

Molly Qerim makes ESPN'S College Football Live almost watchable. Mark May makes sure it still isn't.

My least favorite...Bird...the Blue Jay. My favorite bird...Larry.

Why is the guy in the Cox Telephone ad bragging that he changed his wife phone service for their anniversary. And does he really think that is a good gift?

How starving do you have to be to except a role in a ED commercial?

Thank God Canada is only independent from the United Kingdom in name only. I got the centenary Ian Fleming novels with the (girl covers) from Amazon Canada for a fraction of what Amazon UK would have cost.

Oh and I have to thank W as well. For being such a shitty President that the Canadian Dollar and the American Dollar are pretty much of equal value.

And Thank you to the guy on for telling me to get the books from Amazon Canada and save the money. not only that I didn't have to wait for 2 years to get them. I was able to collect them in 3 months.

Why do the packages from Amazon Canada come with 6 sheets all saying that what was in the box wasn't going to make me a terrorist? Wouldn't one or two sheets do the trick?

And who buys their hydrogen from

What the fuck is an Uffy?

Why are weatherman the biggest douches on the planet?

Am I asking a large amount of questions?

I miss MLP and Yakki and the others. I hope that they are doing fine.

Oh this is an open thread. Pop in say hi, fuck you, Viva La France...whatever.

Late Edit. One Last Thing. If I had a million dollars... I would give it away to anybody who would deck this son of a bitch...

Another late edit, this time from Jonathan: I wish I had a million dollars to pay someone to knock this worthless fuck's jaw out....

God, I hate Dane Cook....unfunny douchebag.


et said...

Hello, denizens of Banned And Dangerous! TGIF and all that.

NH has been randomly and annoyingly up and down for the past 48 hours at least.

Delivery guy couldn't find our address, so our new satellite receiver won't be here until Monday. :(

I'm sending spouse to our local farm market to purchase a bunch of corn that I'm going to blanch and freeze.

New season of Torchwood finally starts here in Canada tonight. WOOTable!

That is all. ;)

Anonymous said...

HELLO ET! Torchwood??? is that something we get in the states. I am up on Tv just like I am up on Music.

et said...


Torchwood's a Dr. Who spinoff. In fact, the series title is an anagram of "Doctor Who." I think it airs in the US on BBC America. Focuses on a scrappy, sexually-charged group of 20-somethings based in Wales who act undercover as a kind of counter-alien force. They're headed up by Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), an enigmatic time-traveller who figured in seasons 1 and 3 of Dr. Who. Last year CBC picked it up but for some reason this year it's drifted over to Space (our equivalent of the Sci-Fi channel).

Been waiting for this a long time...

et said...

Actually it looks like he's in Season Four of Dr. Who as well - yet ANOTHER thing we are still waiting for even though it's history in the UK already. Massive crossover season finale episode. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Hey Count

Its football time already?

Give me my HOCKEY!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Roach. Not a huge Hockey guy myself :) I will never understand why all of those teams from Canada came down to such cold weather Hockey towns as Charlotte and Atlanta. :)

et said...

Torchwood was excellent.

NH and OT are still down (trouble with the servers at Robert Greenwald's place - BraveNewFilms is AWOL as well).

I have 24 ears' worth of corn in the freezer.

Well, 23. I ate one. :D

Anonymous said...

We went to Summer Kitchen Cafe. I ate the chicken fried steak and eggs. I love it cuz they pour the gravy all over the hash browns. A true heart healthy meal :)

et said...

Sometimes, cholesterol be damned, you just have to have chicken fried steak or something like that.

I make my own fresh hash browns now - no frozen, just freshly shredded. They are good.

Any now begins my working evening...geez, I am nocturnal. I should moonlight as a vampire hunter. Moonlight - get it, get it?

{scurries embarrassedly off}

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