Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democratic National Convention Day 2.

it's day 2.

Last night CNN wondered if the "Dems" were too soft. Of course if they had been in attack mode CNN would have wondered why are the "Dems" so angry?

When did the AP become another outlit to distribute Conservative editorials instead of just delivering the news without bias? I know. I know. About the same time the TV news networks did.

I'll be popping in and out when something strikes my fancy.

4:24 Edit: Watching these kids do a fine job singing the national anthem it reminded of the time the Democrats brought out little orphan Annie. What year was that?

4:54 Edit: Don't feel bad Governor Patterson. You have far more sight than anybody will be speaking next week.

4:57 Edit: If McCain is the answer the question must be Ridiculous. good line.

5:26 Edit: I was wondering during the role call of Democrats who have past away whether or not all of those folks were people who identified themselves as Democrats or whether they really Democrats. then they showed Russert and I had my answer.

When Lieberman and Miller die will they show their pictures?

5:47 Edit: if Leslie Blitzer ever shut up and listen to what's actually being said he would hear Democrats going after McCain pretty good. Here comes Dennis!

5:51 Edit: I love it! Somebody pissed in Kucinich's corn flakes. I am pretty sure it was G.W. Bush. Wake up America! Great Job Dennis.

6:12 Edit. God save the state of West Virginia? As if she didn't have enough to do. :)

Another editorial piece masquerading as news.

6:42 Edit: Are there Democrats in the house tonight? I would hope so.

I may have to take an hour break from the convention :) The first Big Red Wrap Up of the year is on.

8:29 Edit: Good line. He's not a Maverick He's a side kick.

8:44 Edit: So this is the guy we have to blame for cell phones? Let's kick his ass.

9:36 Edit; Governor Schweitzer kicks some ass.

9:48 Edit: No Way No How No McCain.

9:51 Edit : Sister Hood of The Traveling Pant Suits. :) I bet the crazy one loved that line.

10:00 Edit: Hillary is simply magnificent tonight.

10:07 Edit : I am sure the CMSM will tear her apart I thought she was brilliant.


et said...

It's been more and more blatant ever since Ron Fournier took over the Washington Bureau. He was in discussions in '06 to join the McCain campaign. Conflict of interest, much?

Anonymous said...

That is what I was referring to. :) I just thought of something. For you and Sergei things over at about 8:00 every night.

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