Sunday, August 10, 2008

Who gives a shit who Angelina Jolie endorces?

Seriously, people.

It may seem as if most entertainment industry figures are aligning with Barack Obama and just a few with John McCain, but there are still a handful of famous names who are still on the fence. And both campaigns are well aware of one star who stands out among the undecideds: Angelina Jolie.

Both campaigns have reached out to her, apparently to court her support. But in a statement to Variety provided by political adviser Trevor Neilson, Jolie says that she is waiting to make up her mind.

Here are a few of the bone-headed comments I've read.

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My opinion of Jolie would drop like a rock if I believed she were truly undecided. But I don't believe it for a second. She's playing the media so that she gets some press when she finally endorses Obama. Remember that her father wrote an overwrought op-ed last week outlining the reasons that we should all fear Barack Obama. I think Angelina wants to very publicly take the opposing view.

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There's a difference between charitable philanthropy and creating truly equal platforms for everyone to compete in the system. Republicans are big supporters of charity because it makes them feel good to give away a tiny portion of their vast wealth. Liberals believe in making the system fair for everyone to have a humane existence without losing their sense of self-worth. Angelina Jolie, Madonna and many more celebrities are of the former type. They can do much more good by endorsing a political system that creates equal opportunity to all and prevent the vast disparity of wealth that allows for their own indulgent lifestyles, but they choose to fool themselves and millions of others into thinking that they are compassionate by focusing on emotional fixes that are more about satisfying their own bloated egos, while appearing as caring philanthropists to millions of jaded fans.

You know, unless Jolie is the one vote that will decided the difference between an Obama or a McCain administration from taking the White House, I think we need to take a step back and chill out. And please stop with the 'my respect with Angelina Jolie will be shot if she endorses McCain', bullshit. That woman has done so much outstanding humanitarian work that anyone who would be willing to drop her because of a fucking candidate pretense is unbelievably stupid.

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Anonymous said...

It's her business who she endorses. She can even campaign for McCain for all I care. Now if she campaigns for McCain and makes some ignorant comments...then I will have something to say.

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