Thursday, August 28, 2008

Democratic National Convention Day 4.

The last day of the convention the first day of college football season.

ET or Jonathan: Either of you watching the RNC? if so would you like to be our corespondent?

Jonathan: Edit: So I'm watching Hardball with Chris Matthews and in the background, the 9/11 truthers are irritating me. It almost makes me want to yet at Matthews to tell em to shut the fuck up. Look, I can't stand Bush Jr. as much as the next person, but gimme a break! You expect me to believe this incompetent fuck-up has the capability to plan and pull off the greatest attack in American history since Pearl Harbor?! This is the same man who gave us the Iraqi quagmire, and the FEMA fucktastorphe in the Big Easy, for God's sake! Come to your senses, people....

Count: 4:39 Edit: Looks like we have the sound kinks worked out and the convention has started. Albeit 20 minutes late.

Count: 4:52 Edit: Democrats are giving advice on how to win presidential elections?

Jonathan: 3:03 Edit (pacific time): Semi Breaking News from the otherside of the aisle - Pawlenty = McCain's VP? Sources claim that the Minnesota Governor has "cleared his schedule for the weekend." Well, this will definitely put MN in play if the rumors are true, but on the other side, the die-hard conservative base should be pissed that he chose a pro-choice candidate to be his running mate.

Count 5:15 (CT) Edit: All you need to know about Pawlenty:

I would Stand With Bush if his approval rating was 2 %

Pawlenty: "I'd Stand With President Bush if His
Approval Rating Was 2Percent."
The Star Tribune noted in October 2005,
"Pawlenty waved off any concerns about Bush,
Hatch or other DFLers on Wednesday. 'I'd stand with
President Bush if his approval rating was 2 percent,'
Pawlenty said. 'I
won't abandon my leader just because times are tough.'"
[Star Tribune,

Count Edit: 5:22 (CT)

Count Edit: 5:27 I love Merle Haggard, especially since he seems to have taken a sharp left turn politically but that Colorado songs sucks. No God doesn't live in Colorado and he doesn't spend his time there.

Jonathan Edit: 5:17 (PT) Ok, so Tim Kaine isn't the greatest speaker out there, but he did have me saying, "Move Mountain!" And he's very, very fluent in Spanish. I should consider taking lessons from him... :D

Jonathan Edit: 5:35 (PT) Stevie Wonder's performing. And doing a damn good job too.

Jonathan: 6:03 (PT) Al Gore just finished speaking (great speech by the former Vice-President) and current Vice-Presidential Nominee Joe Biden, reports claim, has arrived at Mile high Stadium.

And now for some juvenile non-DNC convention coverage humor: This definitely doesn't show young Miley Cyrus in a good light:

Counts Edit: 8:52 (CT) I agree with everything Jonathan has said. I thought I had left and edit a half hour ago...guess not. I am sorry.

Jonathan Edit: 6:58 (PT) To quote the Joker in The Dark Knight: "And here we....go."

Count Edit: 9:43 (CT) What will the CMSM find to hate about this speech? It simply magnificent.

Jonathan Edit: 8:11 (PT)
That........was.........a..........knockout. The only thing I wish he had said was Newt Gingrich's infamous line, "Had enough?"


Jonathan said...

I'd actually like to share corresponding duties with ET, each of us taking two days.

et said...

I'm up for that, Jonathan. Name your days!

Anonymous said...



Jonathan said...

I'll take Monday and Thursday.
Monday b/c there's no school, and to listen to our Great Leader pull off the amazing task of speaking without saying anything at all.

Thursday, becasue I only have one class and I arrive home early around 10:20 in the morning.

Jonathan said...

Ralph, have you taken your meds lately?

et said...

Sounds good, Jonathan. I'll be back in alarm-clock mode on Tuesday anyway for the school bus routine, so that's perfect for me.

Ralph, don't you have some lesbian porn to write?

et said...

You know, I think Obama nailed it when he truncated Newt's "Had enough?" to that simple, emphatic, strident "ENOUGH!" that he uttered. Who among us hasn't felt that building to a hallelujah chorus over the past 8 years?

That's a slogan we all ought to take to heart. "ENOUGH. Obama/Biden '08"

It has legs...and, moreover, wings.

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