Friday, August 29, 2008

Grading The Convention:

I have a poll up. I'll know the folks who vote D and F are, as I put it, tools for McCain. I voted a B. maybe that is a little unfair.

Monday C
Tuesday A-
Wednesday A+
Thursday A ( really if it wasn't for Obama and Gore today might have been a D.) Gore and Obama both were Dynamite.

If you vote C or lower please post here why. I have a guess why but I would really like to know.

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et said...

I think you about have it, Count. The event was designed to crescendo and it certainly did, as you note with both Gore and Obama delivering and then some this evening.

The one possible dip would have been if Bill Clinton's speech on Wednesday had been in any way faltering or tepid, and it was neither.

On the whole, I think they got the "grade curve" they wanted.

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