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United States Men's Basketball Team Wins Gold!

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The gold medal game for Men’s basketball is set to start in a little bit over an hour. There people bitching about the start time being 2:30 in the morning EST. (That’s 1:30 for us in the sticks.) Personally I love it. This is the first game I don’t have to record and watch later.

Speaking of having to record the games and watch them later. Congrats to NBC for that Douchebaggery they polled Friday morning. The game was suppose to start at 9:15 central. I checked the guide and it said USA network. So I set the recorder. USA network has fucking ping pong on NBC is still showing today. The game didn’t come on until 10:15 and they showed it on tape delay. Stupid fuckers. Anyway The Contessa has been I’ll with bronchitis and stayed home from work Friday. Thankfully she got the game recorded for me. Yay for The Contessa. Boo for NBC.

In The last game The United States got ahead of Argentina 30-9 and then mysteriously. Quit playing in the second quarter. Argentina’s best player Manu Ginobli got hurt in the first quarter with the score 27-9. It was after this the United States lost intensity so his injury had nothing to do with how the game turned out except if he didn’t get hurt the United States would have won by 40. As it is they woke up from their second quarter slumber and won by 20 anyway. 101-81.

Let me just point out that Neal Cavuto is highly under-rated. You ask people to name the biggest dickheads on the right and I bet his name takes awhile to be mentioned if at all. Give Neal is proper due. He’s a first class douchebag of the highest order and certainly ranks as ones of the right’s biggest dickheads.

In my opinion this is the best time of the day and it’s a great time to play a basketball game. 1:30 in the morning. It’s quiet calm. I love this. This reminds me of 1992 when Nebraska played Kansas State in football in Tokyo Japan that game started at about 11 and ended at 2:30.

United States Vs Spain for the gold medal.

Announcers: Doug Collins and Mike Breen.

The two teams played earlier in the Olympics I pool play and The United States won by 37.

Craig Sager sucks.

LeBron James is wearing new shoes.

James for 3!

Goody I get to root against the Gasols again.

I wonder if Marc Gasol will grab his nad sack before each free throw.

I tell you one thing I like right away the 3’s are dropping.

Grrrr LeBron has 2 fouls.

Can’t get too 3 happy.

Now Kobe has 2 fouls

I thought the officiating in these games has been improving. But so far this game is changing my mind.

Spain got up by 5 which is the largest deficit the USA has faced but Chris Paul made a basket and got fouled and made the free throw.

Chris Paul keeping USA in this right now.

Spain is killing us on the boards. Get the damn rebound.

Now Spain is getting the bad calls.

Here we go. Dunk. USA up by 4

That was a good job there by team USA. They passed up by 2 open three pointers and Spain got called for a bad foul.

These refs sucks and the Chinese crowd and the refs are getting pissed. At first USA was getting screwed. The last 5 minutes Spain has been getting the bad calls.

Marc Gasol playing well and not with himself.

Wade for 3. It was bad shot but he made it. Then he stole the ball but lost control.

USA 38 Spain 31 at the end of 1.

Ok the game is on. Let’s get away from Lisa Leslie.

Congrats to the Women by the way for 4 straight Gold medals.

Kobe for 3! Yay Kobe! After today…go fuck yourself.

Pau Gasol is such a pussy.

Gasol missed both free throws.

Kobe dunk.

Spain should get a technical foul.

Now normally I would say that Spain is a team full of Bitches but since some may find that objectionable I’ll just say they are a team full of Gasols.

Another 3 for Mello Anthony.

Ok the lead is 13. Keep Pouring it on and Spain will quit.

As I say that Spain hits a 3

Haha! Look at Pau Gasol bitching.

Every USA player has 2 fouls.

Spain staying around.

Dwayne Wade steal and Spain wants a time out. USA is up by 10.

DJ Cat laying by the TV watching the game.

Wade for 3! He is playing awesome. 18 points.

LeBron for 3! They are dropping today.

That was a complete luck shot for Spain there.

Kobe throws the ball away.

Every time the USA gets to where they are about to blow this open they back off and let Spain back into it.

They must not sell shaving razors of any kind in Spain.

How about a 10 point run right here for the US to end the half?

Wade for 3 again. He has 21.

No fucking way!!!! Spain just made a miracle 3ptr the guy just rainbowed it up and it

went in.

The USA looks a little tired.

The lead is back down to 7.

This is not good.

David Stern looks drunk.

Spain is Gasoling again.

USA 69 Spain 61 At Half.

Great defense huh?

Congratulations to USA Men’s Volleyball team who took Gold. coach Hugh McCutcheon will certainly remember these games for all of the right and all of the wrong reasons.

3rd quarter.

The United States is tightening up.

USA needs a time out.

These refs.

Lead down to 4.

Carmelo Anthony tips in a missed free throw.

The USA missing free throws.

Thank you Dwight Howard. Go hard.

Those floaters Spain is hitting are ridiculous.

The USA has gone cold.

Just dunk it Anthony.

Spain is outplaying the United States really bad.

OMG! The refs made a good call!

No defense by either team.

K is such a douche. My goodness.

Marc Gasol fouled.

Grabs himself… misses free throw.

That’s how you play against the zone kick it inside.

Dwayne Wade and it’s up to 10.

Give Spain a T dammit.

This is what the United States needs to do. Just fall down and you will get the call.

Anthony for 3. Good job.

Spain missed a floater!

Spain hits another Bull shit shot and its 91-82 USA at the end of 3.

4th quarter.

If Kobe does that shit the USA will lose.

Spain is down by 2. The United States is committing one of the great choke jobs of all times.

Spanish transvestites in the crowd.

4 on LeBron.

A Huge 3 for Williams!

Dammit Kobe you have teammates.

There you go pass to Howard for the dunk.

Cover him Goddammit!

Kobe for 3!!!

LeBron and its back up to 11.

Fucking Spain.

Terrible shot from Kobe. Take him out if he shoots another one of those.

Can Dwight Howard make a free throw?


He made 1.

How the fuck is that not a foul?

Kobe I never thought I would say this but thank fucking you. Makes a 3 and gets fouled.

Spain holding the game up to bitch.

Lead down to 4 again.

Wade for 3!!!!! Thank You.

This has been a great game. Give Spain all the credit in the world. They have been outstanding.

They can get this thing down to 3.

Whew wide open and he missed it.

Kobe made a floater.

USA got the rebound.

Get it to Kobe or Bosh.

Spain fouled Chris Paul.

Come on…

Got one… got them both. Lead is up to 10.

Don’t foul.

Fouled Paul again. Spain fouled on purpose and then bitched caused they called it. HAHAHA! They FINALLY Called a Technical on Spain.


Congratulations to Spain they played great but the United States is bringing home the Gold medal baby.

Spain still playing very hard. But they missed a layup.

Great job Kobe! Now go fuck yourself.

That’s it. The United States wins the Gold.

118-107. Great great game.

Anybody who says I don't love my country didn't see me tonight. Coached by a man I utterly despise and lead by a player I hate even more and I absolutely wanted them to win in the worst way.

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